Windows 10 Redstone 4: All the changes so far


I was disappointed when they ended Groove.  I moved all my music and playlists to spotify.  The process was simple.  I have yet to give up my windows phone (950).  the camera is still top notch and various features are nice and not included in the replacment (alchetel Idol).  I really dont like Android and iOS.   iPhones are a lot of money (although my wife and kids use them).

I would expect that most of the major Microsoft apps (calendar, mail, cortana, contacts, cloud storage, music, video, etc…) are compatable across mobile OS devices and will get better and better.  Essentially Microsoft is going to bridge Android and iOS into the microsoft ecosystem.  I did buy the Invoke.  Sound is way better than the amazon echo.  Plus I have always liked Cortana.  My wife and kids never use siri.  I also found this, “Cortana supported countries: Cortana Currently available in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, France, China, Japan, and Brazil. Supporting languages are English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese.”  Microsoft will intorduce Cortana in more and more countries.

One thing is for sure, if you move to Apple, you will pay alot more over the next 30 years for hardware.  I do run my own business.  I did move from a Quickbooks/Office information system to a SalesForce/Google Docs information system.  While I am experiencing significant improvements in productivity and mobility, I am not convinced it is a reason to stop paying for Office 365.  Plus the infromation becomes locked into their (salesforce) database.  I know I can pull the info out or just establish a demarchation point, which I had to do with quickbooks.

In short, over the long term, Windows will become more and more capable.  Plus Microsoft will continue improving their core apps on Android and iOS.

But you asking about private (we call you a consumer) customers and services?  Since I live in the US, I dont kow what services are available in Switzerland.  How do you “watch” TV?  Do you watch TV.  How do you listen to music?  Radio, CDs, Streaming?  Apple must expand its subscription services.  The time is approaching when you can not sell $1000 phones in ever increasing numbers.  So, yes Apple will keep pushing services, but unerstand you will be paying for these services.  I think you have to ask a simple question.  Who has a vested interest in getting you to pay money?  Google makes money by selling ads based on your digital footprint.  Apple makes money buy selling premium hardware and will increasingly make money by selling premium serives.  Microsoft will make money buy building software to increase productivity mainly through the enterprise.  Microsoft does not need the consumer to generate profits.  But Micorosft does have a vested interest in connecting as many people as possible into their ecosystem.  Thus they are bridging their services into Android and iOS.

I think you just need to give each ecosystem more time to develop.  Windows needs another 12 months (a total of 36 months since windows 10 was introduced) to complete its transition.  Microsoft already knows how it is going to grow its cloud strategy.  Apple needs another 12 months to figure out how it is going to grow beyond iPhone sales.  Google is still trying to figure out how to improve its cloud strategy.

One other thing, Microsoft was a huge global footprint in cloud infrastructure (datacenters etc…).  You also have to ask yourself where Amazon fits into this picture.  What if Microsoft and Amazon hook up their systems so Amazon provides the consumer services (music, video, delivery of merchandise, etc…) while Windows provides the information system and infrastructure?  Or, Microsoft provides the enterprise level services while Amazon provides the consumer level services?

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