WATCH: Here’s how you change apps on an iPhone X


Swiping between apps on an iPhone X looks very cool

The iPhone X is just days away, and it’s the most exciting handset Apple has made in ages. Featuring an edge-to-edge screen, Face ID and wireless charging, it’s a significant step up from the iPhone 7. But it’s not just the hardware that’s new.

The iPhone X’s large display means it no longer has a TouchID button, and that’s meant Apple has had to develop new ways to replace it. FaceID adds better biometric security as Touch ID, but Apple also invented new gestures to replace some of the other functions of the Home button – and some of them are pretty cool.

In a video posted on Twitter, but originally on Reddit, we can see just how you change apps on an iPhone X. Instead of a double press of the home button, it appears that users just need to swipe a fluid arc at the bottom of the screen to switch apps.


As you’d expect from Apple, the whole process looks extremely fluid and also has some seriously slick animations. You’ll have to wait until our iPhone X review to see if the new gesture controls are all that intuitive, but they certainly look good.

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