The Biggest Trailers of Comic-Con 2018


With the annual arrival of San Diego Comic-Con, pop culture aficionados are foaming at the mouth for new footage of anything and everything.

Credit: LucasfilmCredit: Lucasfilm

Thankfully, as always, the Pavlovian gamekeepers at Warner Bros., Sony, and all the other big companies are spitting hot new previews out the wazoo for games, TV shows and movies. We’re here to round ’em up, so get ready to see the good, the bad and the ugly of San Diego Comic-Con 2018’s trailer mountain.


Titans Trailer

Put on your black eyeliner and grab your allowance money for an impromptu Hot Topic trip, ’cause Titans is here, and it’s threatening to dethrone Batman v Superman as the darkest and edgiest piece of DC screen content to date. “F—- Batman,” Robin blurts after violently slaughtering some low-level street goons. Starfire remorselessly burns people alive in an alley. Raven screams in agony so hard that she literally shatters the screen and turns it into a logo. Hopefully one of the titular Titans’ moms is named Martha, or this could get ugly.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2018 Trailer

IT’S BACK, BABY. Star Wars: The Clone Wars, otherwise known as the best cartoon this side of the galaxy, was abruptly cancelled after the Sith, er, Disney, took over the franchise’s reigns back in 2013. While the show got its swan song (season 6) on Netflix in 2014, it didn’t change the fact that the showrunners had all of seasons 7 and 8 written up and at various stages in the production pipeline, destined to never see the light of day.

Thankfully, it looks like The Clone Wars is coming back in a big way. The fears, of course, are that they’ll scrap the previously written scripts for something more Disney-esque and neuter the show’s previous TV-PG-V rating down to Star Wars: Rebels’ TV-Y7, a rating which would’ve made TCW’s final few seasons impossible to air. And let’s not forget about the lack of Lucas — his brilliant ideas are what made TCW possible, after all. Will the original, finished season scripts with his ideas make the cut, or will Mickey Mouse tweak ’em? We’ll all find out not-so-long from now, in a galaxy pretty darn close (this one).

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Street Fighter Showdown

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Street Fighter Showdown Trailer

If you thought Star Wars: The Clone Wars was the most unlikely thing to come of this year’s SDCC, think again. We just got a look at the crossover event /r/anime has been waiting an eternity for: Street Fighter x Power Rangers. It’s a short film that’s likely operating off less than a one-hundredth of the budget of the recent Power Rangers live-action movie, but that’s all good — we’re not asking for a spectacle to rival the Avengers, we’re just here to see Ryu shoryuken the ever-living crap out of some goofballs in color-coordinated jumpsuits. Grab your red headbands and power coins, ’cause the cinematic event of the millennium is coming this fall.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Clementine’s final chapter is nigh in The Walking Dead: The Final Season. This will be the conclusion to the journey we started with her in 2012’s debut season of Telltale’s Walking Dead series, along which we’ve seen her grow from a child to a strong young woman capable of fending for herself in a ravaged, desolate world. Though the teaser itself is light on details regarding why or how this will be the finale of Clem’s journey, as well as that of The Walking Dead Telltale franchise as a whole, the title assures us that definitive endings are the name of the game, this time around.

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