The Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 Deals (So Far)


Amazon’s Prime Day is no longer a one-day event. Like Black Friday, it’s grown from a 24-hour celebration to a full-on shopping frenzy complete with its own countdown. 

Although Prime Day 2018 isn’t slated to begin till Monday, July 16 at 3pm ET, Amazon is hyping its 36-hour celebration with a steady stream of deals leading up to Prime Day. Those deals commenced with $100 off the Echo Show, which is now selling for $129.99 — an all-time low for this device. (It’s previous all-time low was $149.99).

Today, the Echo Dot joined that list now selling for $34.99. That’s the best price we’ve seen for the Echo Dot this year and just $5 shy of the device’s all-time price low of $29.99, which we saw on Black Friday 2017.

New for Prime Day 2018, Whole Foods announced that it will give Prime Members a $10 Amazon credit when they spend $10 or more in-store at Whole Foods July 11 through July 17. The $10 Amazon credit will be available for use during Prime Day only.

Plenty of other devices have received significant discounts. Keep in mind that some deals are available to all, whereas some may be exclusive to Prime members only. Noteworthy deals we’ve seen include:


What’s new with Prime Day 2018?

Prime Day 2018 will be different from previous Prime Day celebrations in a multitude of ways.

It’s longer: First, at 36 hours it’ll be six hours longer than last year and the longest Prime Day on record.

Free multi-city events: Amazon is sending giant “Smile” boxes to five cities across the world including New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, and Tokyo. The boxes will be opened prior to Prime Day and each box will be an actual event based on a Prime perk. New York’s event will take place July 11 at 8pm. Los Angeles’ event — which takes place July 13 — will be a PUBG Squad Showdown streamed on Twitch with a live performance by Deadmau5. If you live in one of the participating cities, you can keep track of the dates for each unboxing here.

Prime Day Launches: Various brands will take advantage of Prime Day to launch new products. A few confirmed product launches include the Delta Single Handle Touch Alexa-Activated Faucet ($499.99), Tewell Detachable Bluetooth Sound Bar ($109.99), Crayola 60th Anniversary Crayon Set ($10.99), and this Coleman RoadTrip Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill ($229.99). All of Amazon’s launches can be found here.

Whole Foods deals: In addition to that $10 Amazon credit, on Prime Day Whole Foods shoppers will enjoy an extra 10 percent off select items (in addition to the 10 percent members are currently saving). Moreover, from July 14 through July 17, Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card members — who are also Prime members — will get 10 percent back on purchases when shopping at Whole Foods. Normally, it’s restricted to 5 percent. Add all these numbers up and that means Prime members could wind up saving up to 30 percent at Whole Foods on Prime Day.

Is Prime day really just about the discounts?

The purpose of Prime Day is simple — to promote Amazon’s Prime subscription service, which just underwent a price increase earlier this spring.

Studies have shown that Prime customers spend more than twice what nonmembers do, so it’s no wonder Amazon is trying to spread the Prime love as much as it can.

How will I know if the deals are any good?

There’s no doubt that you’ll find great deals on Prime Day. We just recommend you shop with caution, because not every deal will be a good deal. Make a list of the items you’d like to buy and stick to it. 

Also, tools like CamelCamelCamel — a site that tracks the price history of many Amazon products — can help you spot fake deals from true price drops.

You’ll also want to put in your bookmarks; this site can help determine whether the Amazon user reviews for a given product are legit or fake.

We’ve also created this list of Amazon devices and their lowest prices to date, so bookmark this page and when you see these items on sale on Prime Day, you’ll know whether it’s an all-time price low or a deal worth skipping. 

Smart Home

  • Echo Dot: $29.99
  • Echo: $79.99
  • Tap: $79.99
  • Cloud Cam: $99.99
  • Echo Spot: $103.99 
  • Echo Plus: $119.99
  • Echo Show: $149.99


  • Fire TV Stick: $24.99
  • Fire TV with 4K: $44.99


  • Fire 7: $29.99
  • Fire HD 8: $49.99


  • Kindle: $49.99
  • Paperwhite: $79.99
  • Voyage: $149.99

What other deals does Amazon have up its sleeve? Stay tuned as we find out. 

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