Surface Pro is too pricey – what are the best Windows alternatives?


Microsoft’s updated Surface Pro for 2017 is available for preorder now, and it’s enticing for many PC users. But it definitely doesn’t come cheap, and other similar PCs on the market today are more affordable.

At Windows Central, we’re all anxiously awaiting the release of the new Surface Pro. (I already placed my preorder, and I keep checking my email, hoping Microsoft will ship it early.) But as is always the case with Surface hardware, Microsoft charges a premium for the Surface Pro. Here it starts at $799.00 for the barebones model and shoots all the way up to $2,699.99 for the fully loaded Pro. Yowsers.

If you simply don’t have the cash for a Surface Pro right now, you’re certainly not alone. Forum member lbeezy2188 recently started a valuable thread, asking the community for opinions on the best Surface Pro alternatives.

I want a Surface Pro but I think it’s slightly overpriced. Is there any other devices out there with similar specs that I can get more bang for the buck?

Just last month, we put together a list of the best Surface Pro 4 alternatives, and we’re in the process of updating it for the new Pro right now. But we’re curious what you think. Is the new Surface Pro 2017 a bit too pricey for you? And if so, what’s your pick for the best alternative? Hit the link below and sound off.

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