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Just like when the comet began growing larger in the sky toward the end of Season 3, things are starting to heat up in Fortnite as Season 4 draws to a close.

Credit: Epic GamesCredit: Epic Games

This time it involves more live-only events popping up in the Fortnite map and some real-world clues making their way to places in the US and Europe. These alternate reality games (ARG) include all sorts of cryptic clues about Fortnite: Battle Royale and hints for fans about what’s to come in Season 5. 

For those of you hungry for every bit of info you can find about Season 5 before it launches, we collected everything that’s been discovered about the ARG and about the events in-game leading up to the new season debut, including some official info from Epic.

When does Fortnite Season 5 start?

Earlier this week, Epic Tweeted this image that confirmed Season 5’s July 12th start date. The backdrop of the image remains a large mystery, however. It’s a mask that’s a possible reference to a kitsune — a kind of mythical fox creature from Japanese folklore that’s capable of transforming into a human — covered up by the same mysterious crack in the sky that players have been seeing the next week. Epic followed up the next day with another tease, this time showing what looks like a mythical axe.

These teases throw a wrench into the works, since we’ve been fed nothing but outer space and sci-fi themes all throughout the lead up to Season 5. This mystical imagery is very different from what we’ve been shown thus far, and could hint at time-travel and mythology themes for the new season.

Fortnite Season 5 clues: it started with a rocket

After the events of the live rocket launch in June, Fortnite players began observing strange phenomena around the map. Small cracks or tears in space like the giant one in the sky made by the rocket were showing up at ground level while the crack in the sky has been confirmed to be widening slightly each day.

The cracks are likely meant to be space-time portals, but where they lead and what they’ll ultimately do to Fortnite is still unclear. However, objects have been seen disappearing through those portals live during matches. Those lucky enough to catch it happening, like YouTube user GamerKid14, have posted videos of the Durr Burger mascot disappearing through one of the cracks that formed in Greasy Grove.

Then things got stranger.

Durr Burger mascot appears in California desert

Twitter user SelaShiloni posted photos of the burger sat in a desert in Llano, California without knowing what it was, but fans were quick to clue him in. Also in the area was a cop car of similar appearance to the ones in Fortnite. The car’s license plate and VIN numbers seem to indicate things about the length of the coming season (seven weeks). Signs were posted warning that “this site is unstable”.

The area also included a tent that had several items scattered on a table, including several books about UFOs. People who seemed part of the ARG later showed up at the site, as seen in this video by Reddit user boiqqq, handing out business cards with phone numbers on them. Dialing the number (712) 380-4091 only yielded strange sounds, which fans later analyzed and found to hide a code visible only in the spectrogram of the audio’s waveform (I told you it gets strange). If the super sleuths are correct, that code translates into “C7”, a coordinate on the Fortnite map that lines up with Greasy Grove where the Durr Burger mascot used to be.

The same technique was applied to sounds that played in-game during the rocket launch, which yielded more map coordinates. Each sector was the location of a disappearance of something or the appearance of a new item (like a random boat anchor that showed up in B6).

Llamas are found across Europe

A few days later, seven large pinata llamas were found in cities throughout Europe, including London, Paris and Warsaw. There doesn’t appear to be anything in them, but if we play along with the ARG then it’s presumed they’ve been “warped” there from the game world like the giant burger and cop car in California.

What all these clues mean: Season 5 map changes, skins and more

Credit: Epic GamesCredit: Epic Games

New outfits referencing the kitsune mask, aliens, the government agents or more space-themed attire are all highly likely to show up in the new Battle Pass. Some kind of change to the map is also quite likely at the start of Season 5. What’s less certain is if any of these clues point to a new permanent mode or completely new map. Fans have been anticipating both for a while, but there’s still no solid evidence to suggest it’ll be happening.

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