Jack Dorsey's Twitter account was hacked

The hacking outfit OurMine has already been responsible for a few high-profile Twitter account takeovers, but the latest may be particularly embarrassing for the company. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had his account briefly hacked early this morning, as OurMine tweeted out a link to its site and a message that it was “testing your security,” along […]

Sukces Samsunga – Tizen przed Android Wear

Global Smartwatch OS Market Share – Chociaż do smartwatchy wiele osób nie może się przekonać, jest to już na tyle duży rynek, że wielu producentom udaje się na tego typu urządzeniach zarabiać. Mamy też kilka systemów operacyjnych dla inteligentnych zegarków, wśród których doszło właśnie do wartego uwagi przetasowania. Największymi udziałami na rynku od dawna może […]

Apple Hacked By 16-Year-Old Fan

An Australian teenager was such a fan of Apple that he hacked into the company’s servers and copied 90GB of internal data. An Apple Store in the Melbourne suburbs. Credit: Nils Versemann/Shutterstock The 16-year-old, who cannot be publicly named, pled guilty today (Aug. 16). He allegedly got hold of “authorized keys,” although it’s not clear […]

Nintendo Switch Hacked to Run Custom Code

Heads up, Nintendo Switch fans — you soon might be able to run custom ROMs on your Switch, or back up games to your own hard drives. Credit: Regina M Art/Shutterstock That’s because the ReSwitched project thinks it has found an unpatchable security vulnerability in Nvidia Tegra chips that would let users run unauthorized code […]