Samsung is bringing the flip phone back with the W2018


Samsung looks to the 90s to help create their new smartphone

We’re obsessed with things that flip this year, from bottle flipping to backward flipping robots, everyone seems to love things that flip. Now Samsung is joining in on the flipping fun by announcing a new smartphone called the W2018 that, you guessed it, flips.

Bringing the functionality of the smartphones of 2017 into the design of phones of the early 2000s, Samsung has created one sleek, luxury flip phone. The W2018 has two 4.2in AMOLED displays on both the inside and outside of the handset. More interestingly, Samsung has woven together the feel of a retro phone with the tech of today’s top devices. The W2018 has a physical dial pad as well as directional buttons, but also includes a fingerprint reader on the back and access to Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby.

While the phone may look retro on the outside, it certainly doesn’t perform like a phone from the nineties. The W2018 runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with a whopping 6GB of RAM, making it just as good as the Samsung Galaxy S8. This is evidenced further when you look at the camera, which boasts a 12megapixel camera on the rear with optical image stabilisation and an aperture of f/2.4 and f/1.5 in low light.

Unfortunately, though, UK customers are out of luck: the W2018 is only due to be released in China. On the bright side, you’re saving a reported £2,000 – enough to buy two iPhone Xs, and make your own flip phone with a makeshift hinge.

Images: Sina

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