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The Edge flaunts its curves. It’s a great-looking phone. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: customize the Edge display

The unique selling point of the Galaxy S7 Edge is that fantastic curved display, which you can use for shortcuts to people and apps. Best of all, it’s completely customizable: just go into Settings > Edge Screen > Edge Panels and you can tell the Galaxy where it should put the Edge handle, how transparent it should be and how high on the screen it should be. You can also change the content of the Edge panels in Settings > Edge Screen > Edge Panels, where you can set up to five contacts, up to 10 apps and up to 10 shortcuts. You can also customize the Edge panels by tapping the cog icon at the bottom of each one.

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Edge panels can have 5 contacts, 10 apps and 10 shortcuts. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: use split-screen mode

Not all apps support split-screen mode, but the ones that do really take advantage of the S7 Edge’s big screen. To enter split screen mode tap the square button and look for a double rectangle icon on your apps: if it’s there, that app supports split screen mode. Tap it and the app will pop to the top of the screen, enabling you to choose another app for the lower section.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: open the camera app more quickly

Forget having to scroll through apps to launch the camera: just double-tap the Home key and use the volume keys to take photos. The Edge also takes Apple-style Motion Photos, which are little videos taken before and after the photo. Tapping on them in the Gallery brings them to life.

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Samsung reckons the S7/Edge camera gives the iPhone a spanking. / © ANDROIDPIT/Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: go pro with the camera

The Edge’s huge screen makes a great camera viewfinder, and its camera app can do much more that just use the automatic photo modes. If you like to experiment with ISOs, customize the contrast and wobble the white balance you should tap on Mode > Pro in the camera app. This enables you to replicate the kind of control you’d get on a digital SLR, and you can produce some really interesting effects by experimenting with the different options.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: don’t let anyone interrupt your gaming

If you like to play games on your phone you’ll know how irritating it is when a notification interrupts things just as you’re about to pull off a clever combo. Not on the Edge: the Game Launcher widget enables you to shut off inessential notifications when you’re getting your game on. If like us you’re prone to booting yourself out of games by hitting hardware buttons by accident, you can disable them during gaming too.

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Game Launcher can prevent you from being interrupted when gaming. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: turn Always On off

Always On is one of the most interesting things about Samsung’s OLED displays: because OLEDs can illuminate individual pixels without turning the whole display on, they can display key information such as the time and notifications without killing your battery. That’s what the Edge’s Always On display does, but if you decide you can live without it you can turn it off in Settings > Display > Always On Display.

Don’t do it because you think it’ll massively boost your battery life, though: according to Samsung, the impact of Always On on the Edge’s battery is less than 1 percent of the battery power per hour, so the difference it’ll make to your phone’s stamina is really small.

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Don’t like Always On? You can make it Always Off. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: use it one-handed

The size of the Edge is usually a plus, but not when you want to use it with one hand. No problem: go into Settings > Advanced Features > One-Handed Operation to make your Edge more amenable to one-handed use.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: dial the screen down

We’re big fans of Samsung’s bright, vivid and colorful Super AMOLED displays, which are among the very best displays out there. But not everybody wants their retinas zapped every time they check their email, so if you’re one of those people you’ll be delighted to discover that you can make the screen a little less eye-popping. If you go into Settings > Display > Screen Mode and choose the Basic color profile, the Super AMOLED dials things down a bit.

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If the screen feels a little big for one hand, you can make it more finger-friendly in Settings. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: move apps to the microSD card

After a brief disappearance in the S6, the microSD card is back in the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. That means you can move apps to the memory card and get more internal storage. Go to Settings > Apps > Application Apps, which enables you to move third-party apps. Unfortunately you can’t move the default apps.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: monitor babies and doorbells

How’s this for clever: your Edge can listen out for the doorbell or for a crying baby and alert you accordingly. Go into Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > Sound Detectors to enable these features.

Have you found any other top tips and tricks for getting the most from your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? Let us know in the comments!

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