Posturite Penclic Mouse R2 hands-on review


THE POSTURITE PENCLIC MOUSE R2 hails from Scandinavia and has been designed to prevent repetitive strain injury.

As you might have guessed from the name, the Penclic Mouse bears more than a passing resemblance to the humble pen. However, don’t mistake it for a stylus or drawing accessory.

The Penclic is a pointing device that encourages a more natural and relaxed working position to counteract ‘mouse arm’.

Penclic wireless R2 mouse review

There are several different models, and we tested the Penclic Mouse R2 which has wireless connectivity.

The Penclic R2 mouse offers a different experience and it certainly takes some getting used to. But after an hour or two, we found ourselves at a comfortable level. It’s certainly not for everyone, and if you’re in a high-pressure work environment you’re not going to be able to invest the necessary time. But if you make the transition, you’ll find it a pleasant and really quite nippy input alternative.

The packaging has been well thought out. The Penclic Mouse R2 stands proud in its display case and certainly makes a change from the generic cardboard boxes or fiddly moulded plastic we’ve come to expect.

The pen is attached to a ball on a base piece. Flip the base over and you’ll find the laser sensor and a compartment for a rechargeable AAA battery. An LED on the base shows green when fully charged, and blinks red when power is running low.

The pen’s movement is governed by the rolling of the ball, but the base functions more like a traditional mouse, requiring minute movements to guide the cursor.

You’ll find five buttons along the pen’s length that provide the usual functions like left, right, middle, forward and back click. A scroll wheel sits on the base.

Penclic wireless R2 mouse review

The Penclic Mouse R2 appears well made and, despite its plastic appearance, there’s a good weight to the base so you always feel in control. However, the panel that houses three of the buttons arrived loose, and no amount of squeezing could pop it back into place. The Penclic Mouse R2 comes with a two-year warranty, so we don’t expect this to be a problem if you get your hands on one.

The Penclic Mouse R2 has a DPI range of 800-2,400. Holding down the left and right buttons for three seconds switches between 800-1,200 and 1,600-2,400.
A Nano USB receiver connects the Penclic to your Mac or PC, and charging is via a micro-USB adaptor.

Penclic wireless R2 mouse review

Posturite claimed that a couple of weeks’ use is enough to start improving symptoms if you suffer from hand or wrist pain.

We applaud the company for providing an innovative solution to a prevalent problem. Around 86 per cent of office workers experience symptoms of RSI at some point during their career.

The Penclic’s laser-guided precision and high 2,400 DPI value mean we actually found ourselves zipping around our Windows 10 desktop. Indeed, you may notice an increase in productivity as well as a more comfortable experience.

The Penclic R2 is available from the Posturite website priced at £59.99. A free 14-day trial is available. µ

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