Poll: Should you limit the time children spend using phones?


It’s a situation that’s very familiar in modern society: excessive smartphone use. We’re hearing more and more about the health implications and the dangers of excessive smartphone use, which begs the question: should parents be stricter in controlling their children’s use of tech? 

Despite all of the social pressures of having a smartphone, and the obvious benefits of using smartphones and tablets, experts continue to call out to parents to be more conscientious when deciding to buy a phone for their kids. In a recent campaign called “Truth about Tech”, an event was held to raise awareness of the negative impact of tech on children, and how they are becoming addicted. 

It’s often a bit of a joke, seeing how everyone is literally glued to their smartphones like zombies, and yes, most of us use our phones day-to-day with no problems. But, one of the most alarming things is how kids start using devices at such a young age, so it isn’t surprising that more and more parents are limiting the technology their kids use at home. Let us know your thoughts on this subject by voting in the poll:

Have you already limited the time your kids spend using tech? Do you think smartphone use is good or bad for your health? Leave a comment and tell us why.

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