New iPad Pro 2018: Get ready for a bezel-free display and Face ID


The internet is hotting up with tips and leaks aplenty regarding the new iPad Pros for 2018. And, if recent reports are anything to go by, the next gen iPad Pros will get some seriously snazzy upgrades.

The most recent report from Japan’s Macotakara suggests that the new iPad Pros will sport bezel-less displays, creating an even sleeker aesthetic than that of its predecessors. What’s more, the iPad Pros will reportedly debut Face ID, a feature hitherto reserved for the super-premium iPhone X.

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As ever, Apple’s keeping things firmly under wraps until release date. However, we’ll be updating this page with all the latest leaks, tips and rumours you need to know about the new iPad Pro 2018, so be sure to check back in.

New iPad Pro 2018: Release date and price

Apple’s 2017 iPads were announced at the firm’s developer conference in June of that year. Alas, there was no such announcement made at the 2018 conference.

Going on Apple’s regular scheduled program, we anticipate seeing an iPad announcement this September, at the earliest. The company is known for its unparalleled ability to keep things under wraps, so don’t expect any revelatory leaks from the horse’s mouth in the meantime.

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How much will it cost you? We’re expecting a high price tag to match a high-end product. There’s precedent for this; the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5in starts at £619 ($649), and its 12.9in bigger brother starts at £769 ($799).

Prices like these can be hard to swallow, particularly when you’ve got Amazon Fire 7 tablets coming in at under £50. Nevertheless, you’re paying for a premium – nay, professional – product, so the price discrepancy, in this light, is warranted.

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With that in mind, we’re anticipating a slight jump in prices as we saw last year. What’s more, Apple bumped prices up following the EU referendum. With the UK currently in the throes of eking out a Brexit deal, and the pound looking duly precarious, we reckon a price hike is (almost) inevitable.

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New iPad Pro 2018: What will it look like?

As mentioned above, we’re anticipating a sleeker aesthetic with not just trimmed down but non-existent bezels. This isn’t, however, anticipated to trigger a shake up screen dimensions.

Other than that, Apple’s doing a classically stellar job of keeping details under wraps. However. what with the release of the iPhone X in late 2017, we expect the new iPad Pro to be taking design inspiration from the former. As such, we predict a termination of the Home button, which will likely be replaced by the divisive smartphone notch.

New iPad Pro 2018: Features and specs

The new iPad Pros for 2018 are rumoured to come complete with Face ID, thanks to a bit of detective work from Steven Troughton-Smith. The developer unearthed an iPad version of AvatarKit, the software used by Animoji, tweeting: “New in iOS 12: AvatarKit comes to iPad. Still requires a TrueDepth camera to do face tracking, though, i.e. an iPad with Face ID”.

As for screen size, reports have been abounding that suggest the 10.5in model will be bumped up to an 11in screen. Meanwhile, the 12.9in display is expected to be wheeled out once again, business as usual.

We will be updating this page as and when more information regarding the new iPad Pro 2018 comes in.

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