Most Anticipated TVs of 2018


We saw lots TVs this year adding voice-assistant functionality, from Google Assistant to Samsung’s Bixby, but our favorite from this new batch of smarter smart TVs has to be LG’s Signature W8 with ThinQ AI. The W8 is the updated, 2018 version of LG’s jaw-droppingly slim Wallpaper OLED from last year’s show, but with two key enhancements. First, LG has upgraded the set to its new Alpha 9 quad-core processor, which brings with it several refinements in picture and sound processing.

But the second change is the addition of LG’s ThinQ AI, which and pairs Google Assistant with LG’s already-excellent voice search and controls. This allows for advanced queries, sophisticated functions and smart home integration. In a year of TVs that listen intelligently, the LG Signature W8 with ThinQ AI stands out. LG’s ThinQ voice assistant will be rolling out in all of LG’s UHD TV sets this year, including the Wallpaper W8 OLED, with new models coming in April or May. LG has not yet announced pricing.

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Credit: Tom’s Guide

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