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If you’re a regular reader, you know very well how the LG V30 won me over. I think the South Korean phablet is really an excellent product: beautiful on the design side, it offers excellent performance and does not give up on the FullView display. However, LG made a fatal misstep: it waited too long to release it on the market.

A good product is not always enough

As I have already explained in this article, there are several reasons why it is worthwhile to buy the V30. The slim metallic unibody gives pleasant light effects on the body, while at the front it leaves room for a large 6-inch display. Ergonomic and durable, it doesn’t give up the headphone jack and features a fast fingerprint reader on the body.

But appearance is not everything. On the hardware side, the V30 also gives gamers excellent performance: titles like Riptide GP: Renegade and Asphalt 8 are not a problem. In everyday use, the Snapdragon 835 is able to handle multitasking and demanding tasks, and the camera also delivers good results. If you prefer to use manual mode you can get even more out of it and the wide-angle lens will surprise you during your holidays or your trips outdoors.

A perfect phablet? Perhaps, but that is not enough.

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The V30 offers excellent hardware performance. / © AndroidPIT

Carpe diem LG

Announced during the Berlin IFA in early September, the V30 arrived at the end of September on the South Korean market and mid-October in the United States. Only now is the phablet available in Europe. The late launch of the V30 did not therefore make a positive contribution to the brand’s financial results: profits for the third quarter of 2017 were 82% higher than in the previous year, but the growth related to the sale of household appliances and television sets. The mobile division maintains the status quo: The G6 and Q6 have not made as big an impression as hoped.

The V30 costs around $800 in the US, depending on the carrier. On the price there is not so much to say: about as high as other flagships but cheaper than the Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Competition is ruthless and if the V30 had first arrived on the market, perhaps it could have made a difference. Now the challenge is even harder, especially if you consider the new Huawei Mate 10 Pro, presented in October and already on the market, at a price of around $840.

Timing makes a difference (for some)

Before the IFA, when it was rumored that the V-Series was coming to Europe, I thought LG seemed to be lagging behind its competitors. Releasing the V20 in 2016 would have helped the brand, especially considering the smoking Note 7. Better late than never, so they say. And having the V30 in 2017 is a real pleasure because, as mentioned above, it is an excellent device able to meet the needs of many users: phablet lovers, gamers, those who are looking for a flagship of the latest generation, and those who love high quality photos and videos.

It’s true that getting in there first is not always a sure-fire strategy.  For example, the iPhone X integrates several interesting technologies already seen on Android for some time but, despite coming later, it managed to win over its fans.

AndroidPIT LG V30 vs iPhone 8 Plus 1
Apple’s method doesn’t work for other brands. / © AndroidPIT

But Apple’s strategy does not apply to other brands like LG, for example. On the contrary, quite the opposite: if the V30 had arrived on the market as the Galaxy S30 or iPhone 30 it would probably would have made a killing. Unfortunately, the quality of a device, the work done by the brand and sometimes a slightly lower price than the competition are not enough to dominate the market. Marketing strategy, herd mentality and popular trends play a key role that cannot be overlooked.

Is there still time for the V30?

The V30 arrives on the market before Christmas and in the last quarter of 2017 there is still everything to play for. If the price of the phablet will decrease significantly as it did for the G6, more users will probably consider buying it. In short, even the V30 still has time to be appreciated and contribute to the revenues of the brand’s mobile division, which with the G6 has not achieved the desired results.

Frankly, it is a pity that good devices such as the V30 are not successful enough. But this is the hard rule of a smartphone market, a market where Apple, Samsung and Huawei are currently the masters. A market where underdogs like Xiaomi also tries to make their mark, while other big brand names in the history of mobile phones, such as HTC and Sony, are struggling to stay afloat.

Would you buy the V30? Why?

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