LG G6 vs Nokia 6 specs comparison


LG G6 vs Nokia 6 specs comparison – TWO OF THE MOST interesting phones unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2017 – new Nokia 3310 notwithstanding – were undoubtedly the Nokia 6 and the LG G6. If you’re considering both as your next handset, we’ve got all the details of how the specs compare and how to decide between the two.

LG G6: 148.9 x 71.9 x 7.9mm
Nokia 6: 154 x 75.8 x 8.4mm

The Nokia phone looks a fair bit like the old Lumia handsets, but thankfully without the luminous lime and orange colourways. In fact, the colours are lovely.


That Copper? Swoon. Gimme.

The LG G6, on the other hand, has more of a divisive design. The front is almost all screen, while they’ve stuck with the whole “startled robot face” look from the LG G5 on the back. In fact, it’s possible the robot looks even more startled this time.

alt=''Both phones include a fingerprint sensor: LG’s is on the back and Nokia’s is on the front. Which you prefer will come down to personal preference, but LG’s back-mounted sensors are really handy for using as a shutter button when you’re taking a selfie.

The LG G6 is also dustproof and waterproof to the IP68 standard, which means up to 1.5m of water for up to half an hour. The Nokia 6, in short, isn’t.

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However, while the Nokia design is a little thicker and chunkier, some people – myself included – prefer that. The LG looks more businesslike and currently only comes in black, white and silver (they have fancy names, but that’s what it comes down to), while the the Nokia feels more fun. It’s a tough choice, with both designs appealing to different people, but overall we’ve got to hand it to the LG for that IP68 rating.

Winner: LG G6


Nokia 6: 5.5in, 1080×1920, 403ppi
LG G6: 5.7in, 1440×2880, 564ppi

This is one of the areas where LG really excels, so Nokia didn’t stand much of a chance in this round. The LG’s gorgeous ‘FullVision’ display crams more than 150 extra pixels into the same space, and while both displays are protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass, LG’s takes up almost 10% more of the phone than Nokia’s. No one likes bezels.

Similarly, the G6’s famous 18:9 (or 2:1 to those of us who can do maths) aspect ratio makes it a real standout on the smartphone scene. It’s not for everyone, but if we’re picking a winner between the Nokia 6’s pretty standard full HD display and LG’s quad-HD, innovative beauty, we’re definitely going for LG.

Winner: LG G6.

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Hardware & storage
LG G6: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, quad-core (2×2.35GHz & 2×1.6GHz), 4GB RAM, 32/64GB storage, microSD up to 256GB
Nokia 6: Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, octa-core (8×1.4GHz), 3/4GB RAM, 32/64GB storage, microSD up to 256GB

In theory, there are two versions of both phones: LG’s 32GB and 64GB handsets both have 4GB of RAM while Nokia’s lower-storage phone has 3GB instead. However, while it’s not clear whether we’ll get both versions of the Nokia 6 on these shores, we’re definitely not getting the larger G6 – just the 32GB. Sob.


Comparing the two 32GB handsets, then, the Nokia loses on RAM, and the phone’s Snapdragon 430 is inferior to the LG’s 821. Both will take a 256GB microSD card, which means we have a clear winner here: the LG G6.

Winner: LG G6.

Nokia 6: Android Nougat, “pure” Android experience
LG G6: Android Nougat, LG UX 6.0 overlay

Nokia made a really big thing of offering a ‘pure’ Android experience in their launch presentation, repeatedly mentioning that their Androids would get quick platform updates and security patches. That’ll be a big reassurance to many people, particularly those who’ve been burned by waiting for new versions of Android while people on Nexus and Pixel phones get instant updates.

LG, meanwhile, have been talking up the LG UX 6.0 overlay they designed specifically for the G6, which takes advantage of the 2:1 screen to offer a half-and-half aesthetic that’s ideal for multitasking. The ability to take and review photos at the same time on a divided screen is pretty cool, and although split-screen capability has been around for aeons, LG has executed it particularly well on this phone.

As for who wins – it’ll depend on what you prefer in a phone. A well-designed, phone-specific interface with some cool show-off features? Go LG. A stock-like Android experience with quick updates and security patches? Go Nokia. This one’s a tie.

Winner: Draw

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