Is Motorola bringing back the Moto RAZR V3 from retirement?


New Motorola tease suggests the Lenovo-owned company is bringing back its iconic handset from the grave

Anyone who was anyone in 2004 knows just how important the Motorola RAZR V3 was. It was the epitome of cool. The thinnest, lightest, sexiest phone on the market. Since then, despite the brilliance of the Moto G range, it feels like Motorola has lost its cool.

Now though, 12 years later, the now Lenovo-owned brand looks as if it could be going back to those glory days. A new trailer released by Motorola teases a June announcement with the RAZR V3 featuring really rather heavily. Could we see Motorola going back to release an Android version of its iconic flip phone?

My money is on a revival, even if that does sound absolutely absurd.

The reveal is set to take place at Lenovo Tech World on 9 June, the same time the Moto X refresh is supposedly unveiled.

It’s hard to imagine how an Android-powered RAZR might work. Not only are we now a nation that shuns physical keyboards but flip-phones are almost non-existent in the West. You can look to BlackBerry’s own keyboarded, slide Android phone as a prime example of a modern flop trying to buck the trend of smartphones. It’s also a wonder what Motorola will do with the comparatively small screen of the RAZR. Only time will tell, I suppose.

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