iPhone 9 release date and price rumours: Everything we know about Apple’s next phone


Apple’s just had a hardware-free WWDC without an iPhone 9 in sight, let alone glimpses of an iPhone SE 2 or an iPhone 11.

But fret not, the company is saving all that iPhone goodness for its Autumn keynote when we’re almost certainly going to see the company announce its successor to the iPhone 8.

So what will the iPhone 9 look like, how much will the handset cost and will it even be called the iPhone 9 at all? Read on to find out everything we know so far about the iPhone 9.

iPhone 9 release date and name

Apple has always announced its newest iPhones at its Autumn keynote in September, so it’s incredibly likely that, if we’re going to get an iPhone 9 this year, it will be announced at the September event.

Can a release date be narrowed down further? Using previous iPhone release schedules as a guide, this is how the whole iPhone 9 release cycle should go, give or take a few days:

11 September 2018: Announcement of iPhone 9 at the Apple Autumn keynote

14 September 2018: iPhone 9 is made available for preorder

21 September 2018: iPhone 9 officially goes on sale

If both the iPhone 9 and iPhone 11 are announced on 11 September, it could be a fitting date (9/11).

We don’t know whether the iPhone 8’s successor will actually be called the iPhone 9. When you consider that the iPhone numbering pattern is going to get confusing when the iPhone 9 range hits, due to last year’s launch of the iPhone X (iPhone 10).

As a result, Apple may opt to ditch the numbers altogether and just call it the iPhone (2018), similar to the iPad.

iPhone 9 design and features

Earlier in the month, KGI Securities’ veteran analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, claimed Apple would be completely overhauling its iPhone line-up.

The iPhone 9 is said to be the cheapest of this refreshed line-up. According to Kuo’s report, the iPhone 9 will feature an aluminium construction and a 6.1in LCD screen. A 6.1in display will be a nice little upgrade on the iPhone 8, which only has a 4.7in display.

The report lines up with other rumours suggesting all the iPhones released in 2018 will be nearly bezel-less – similar to the iPhone X.

This rumour comes largely from the Wall Street Journal,which says that every iPhone released in 2018 will have an all-screen design and yes, a notch. According to the WSJ, Apple is looking into implementing Full Active LCD, a flexible display made by Japanese company Japan Display. Full Active Displays enable phones to have super slim 0.5mm bezels, that’s even thinner than the iPhone X. Sources at Japan Displays told the WSJ that Apple was directly interested in the flexible screens. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 uses a Full Active LCD display if you want to see it in the flesh.

Bloomberg report also claims the iPhone 9 will get rid of Touch ID and replace it with Face ID, making the iPhone 8 the last iPhone to feature Touch ID.

Kuo additionally says in the research note that the phone will have a typical Retina display with a pixel density of 330PPI.

iPhone 9 camera

Elsewhere, Kuo claims that there won’t be a dual-camera arrangement on the iPhone X. Instead, the iPhone 9 will just have a basic single rear camera like its predecessor.

It’s slightly disappointing to hear, but the only iPhone getting an upgrade is going to be the iPhone 11. According to a report from Economic Daily News (via MacRumours) the iPhone 11 will have a triple-lens rear camera.  Taking its lead from Huawei P20 Pro. This makes sense, seeing as the iPhone 11 is expected to cost an arm and a leg.

To compensate, we could see the iPhone 9 adopt a dual-aperture system like the Samsung Galaxy S9, allowing the user to take decent photos in a variety of lighting conditions.

iPhone 9 price

The iPhone 9 won’t cost a lot in Apple terms if KGI Securities is correct. According to a report released in April, the iPhone 9 could cost just $550 (£400) – that’s even cheaper than the iPhone 8.

Kuo did initially say the iPhone 9 would cost around £699, but he seems to have changed his prediction potentially due to the release of the cheap 9.7in 2018 iPad.

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