How to take screenshot with Samsung Galaxy Alpha Mobile


Easy Way to Capture a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Alpha Model

Take screenshot with samsung galaxy : Sometimes it is necessary to take a screenshot to send information to a contact, such as the location of a map, or just personally to save any important data you do not want to lose (then store this in any online service is completely feasible). Well, we explain how to do that in Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

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There are two options to do what we propose in this articles, one in which a combination of physical buttons that have used the buttons and another, more intuitive but sometimes can cost use it quickly, in a simple gesture worth to capture what you see on the panel of Samsung Galaxy Alpha. We explain both processes for you to use the suits you best at all times.

screenshot Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Screenshot Method 01: Using physical buttons

This is a process very simple and hardly differs in that there are other models of the Korean company itself. The case is pressed while the Power button and the Home (front center), the capture is what is checked to see an animation on the panel of Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Even in the notification bar appears notified accordingly. In this there are several options available: Delete, Share (in this way can be sent directly to a contact) and Edit . The latter is the most interesting as it allows you to crop the image and even change their appearance to some extent to be exactly what you need. In short, a simple and fast process.

Screenshot Method 02: Capture the screen with a gesture

For some time you can use gestures to control certain actions of such devices manufacturer, and Samsung Galaxy Alpha is no exception. And, one of the possibilities is to make a screenshot. To activate everything you need to access the section Movement and gestures of System Settings.

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Here you must choose Hand gesture to capture (activate the slider at the top right side), basically what it does is that when the hand turned over the right screen left you pass a screenshot is made. And this is true in any place where it is the operating system or any running applications, including games. Once done, you can also use the options on the notification bar that noted above.

how to take screenshot in samsung alpha galaxy

As you have seen, do a screenshot is very simple with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha , so any things you see on the panel of this phone you can store and share without any problems.

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