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The Galaxy S9’s imminent announcement is causing retailers to clear stock of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+. For shoppers, that’s a good thing because it means you’ll see an abundance of deals on a smartphone that’s still one of the best Android devices on the market. 

Credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's GuideCredit: Sam Rutherford/Tom’s GuideCurrently, Best Buy is offering the best Galaxy deals. The brick-and-mortar giant is taking $350 off the S8 ($16.91/month),  S8+ ($20.41/month), and Note 8 ($30.66/month) when purchased on a 24-month Verizon plan. That’s one of the best deals you can find on these phones and $50 cheaper than the retailer’s prices just last week. It’s also cheaper than buying direct through Verizon.

Not a Verizon customer? T-Mobile has an equally tempting offer. Buy any of Samsung’s current Galaxy phones and get one for free. A trade-in and port-in are required for the BOGO sale, but it’s perfect if you have a friend or family member you can add.

To help you navigate the buying process and find the best deal, we’ve compiled the best carrier and retailer deals, along with some tips on finding the best deal of all. Check it out:

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At T-Mobile, purchase any current Galaxy smartphone and get another free. This offer includes the Galaxy S8, S8+, S8 Active, and Galaxy Note 8. It’s one of the best Galaxy deals you can find. You’re refunded via a prepaid MastarCard.

Best Buy

Best Buy is taking $300 off Samsung’s most popular Galaxy models: the S8 ($16.91/month),  S8+ ($20.41/month), and Note 8 ($30.66/month). The deal requires that you purchase them via a 24-month Verizon contract.


Samsung prices the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and Note 8 at $724.99, $824.99, and $950, respectively. However, you can get up to a $300 credit when you trade-in select smartphones. For instance, a iPhone 8 or Pixel 2 will get you the max $300 credit. 

But don’t despair if you’ve got an older phone, as Samsung will still accept that for trade-in. An iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 can get you a $200 rebate, while any Galaxy S6, LG G6, or iPhone 6/6 Plus will fetch a $100 discount.

Samsung gives you the rebate instantly, and you’ve got 15 days to turn in your old phone.


For a limited time, Big Red is taking $200 off the Galaxy S8 and S8+. (Unfortunately, the Note 8 is excluded). After the discount, you’ll pay $23.16/month for the S8 or $26.66/month for the S8+. A 24-month contract is required. While it’s a good deal, it doesn’t bet Best Buy’s offer, which takes $300 off all three Samsung flagships.


Not to be outdone, AT&T has a BOGO sale of its own and the entire Galaxy family is included. Buy a current-gen Galaxy smartphone and you’ll receive a second phone for free. You must buy both phones on AT&T’s Next  plan and AT&T will give you up to $750 in credits over the course of 30 months.


Instead of a BOGO promo, Sprint is offering the current-gen Galaxy family at over 50 percent off when you purchase either phone via Sprint Flex. Under the Sprint Flex lease, you can upgrade to a new phone after 12 payments. After discount, prices start at $18/month for the Note 8, $12/month for the S8+, and $8/month for the S8. These are the cheapest Galaxy prices you’ll find from a mainstream carrier.

Boost Mobile

The S8 is available on prepaid carriers, too, and you can save money if you buy Samsung’s phone from one of these outlets. Boost, which is a Sprint-owned carrier, has one of the more attractive prices on the Galaxy S8. Boost is knocking $100 off the price of the S8. Boost doesn’t offer installment plans, though, so you’ll have to pay that money upfront.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk is one of the few prepaid carriers to have both the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in stock, selling them for $659 and $759, respectively. Straight Talk also lets you pay off your phone in monthly installments, though the $32.87 and $37.44 it charges each month for the S8 and S8+ add up to much more than what you’d pay buying the phone outright. One other warning about Straight Talk: it didn’t fare very well in our recent rankings of the best and worst wireless carriers.


Cricket joins the ranks of prepaid carriers offering the Galaxy S8 at a discount. You can get the phone for $649.99 from Cricket. Just be aware that AT&T caps the LTE speeds of Cricket phones at 8Mbps.


You’ll pay $679for a Galaxy S8 through MetroPCS. However, MetroPCS did fare the best of any discount carrier in our recent round of network speed testing.

Bottom Line

Deciding which company offers the best deal ultimately comes down to whether you want to buy the Galaxy S8 or S8+ outright or pay monthly installments. You’ll also need to gauge the appeal of the freebies and other deals the companies are offering. And of course, you’ll want to consider which carrier network offers the best coverage, service, and pricing.

If you’re buying your phone outright and have an eligible phone to trade-in, Samsung looks like a safe bet. If you’d like to get more than one Galaxy handset, opting for AT&T or T-Mobile is a good option, though their rebates are spread out over time. And Best Buy is the place to go if you want lower monthly payments on a phone that connects to Verizon’s network.

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