Galaxy Note 9 Release Date Just Leaked by Carrier


The Galaxy Note 9 launch event is just over a week away, and now it looks like we have confirmation of when you can get your hands on Samsung’s latest flagship.Credit: Evan Blass/@evleaksCredit: Evan Blass/@evleaksJust this week Samsung admitted that it was suffering from slow phone sales, which presumably means that the Galaxy S9 hasn’t been selling as well as the company had hoped. Samsung said that it “will be offering the Note 9 at reasonable prices in order to maximize sales.”

It also looks like the Note 9 will be getting in consumers’ hands considerably earlier than last year’s Note 8. A report from ET News out of South Korea spotted by Forbes says that the handset will be hitting store shelves August 24. This is because the largest carrier in the country, KT Telecom, displayed a promotional poster for the phone with that date on it.

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This is the third report we’ve seen that has mentioned the August 24 date, so you can mark it down on your calendar. An earlier report out of Poland pegged the same timeframe, and more recently WinFuture echoed the same date for the Note 9 in a report that also said that the phone would be able to double as a desktop without a dock accessory.

Samsung has been teasing three main features heading into the Note 9 launch, including long battery life, gobs of storage and very fast speeds. But those aren’t the only things on tap for what will likely be Samsung’s biggest phone yet.

Other rumors point to a revamped S Pen with Bluetooth functionality, which will double as a remote control of sorts for your phone. The Note 9 could also be the first Android phone on the market to play Fortnite, and the exclusive is expected to last a month.

With three new iPhones around the corner and a more radical Galaxy S10 around the corner with a rumored ultrasonic fingerprint sensor baked into the display, it’s possible the Note 9 could get overlooked. But we’ll have a much better sense of how exciting the Note 9 is (or isn’t) after we bring you our hands-on impressions next week.

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