Dogs will fight alongside us in our war against the robots


Against all the advice of cyberpunk movies, dystopian novels, and general common sense, we humans are still going out of our way to antagonize the robots we create, kicking them, pushing them over, and knocking their favorite boxes out of their robo-hands. But at least when we reach the AI singularity and the inevitable war for our planet starts, we’ll have a trusty ally in our fight against the machines — dogs.

Our canine friends’ decision to fight alongside us is shown in the video above, filmed by venture capitalist and Tesla Motors board member Steve Jurvetson. It shows a small dog, yapping, jumping, and running in circles when presented with Boston Dynamics’ quadrupedal Spot robot. You might think that the dog in question is simply stimulated by something it doesn’t understand, a clanking, walking, hopping figure that looks like a dog, but is certainly not a dog. But this dog is special. Alex — the terrier that appears to be the star of the video — probably knows more about robotics than you.


Alex belongs to Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android, and previous manager of Google’s robotics program. Alex has been around robots for a long time, he’s watched as they’ve tried to copy both his species and ours, and — crucially — he’s seen the potential downfall they can bring to the planet. His barking may seem playful, but it is a warning.


They’re coming.


To kill us.



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