BlackBerry Services for the Priv updated with minor bug fixes


If the Priv and every other device that has a BlackBerry logo and runs Android in the future had a BB10 operating system option (either / or), No one would reply care about BlackBerry’s choice to use Android as an option. Obviously since it’s not an option people are having fits just thinking about the future.

I really think that BlackBerry should have picked up on Android a long time ago to please the masses (and make money, of course) They should have kept up with their own software for the “tools over toys” kind of people like myself and other important people around the world. 😉

HTC (and others, I’m sure) have had two different software options for the same model of phone. BlackBerry could/should have done the same.

“Posted on the site that compares excessive phone use to a crack cocaine addiction!” – R.I.P. Toilet Time Tim 🙁

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