Best Third-party Controllers for Nintendo Switch


Want a more conventional controller for your Nintendo Switch, but don’t want to pay $60? There are plenty of great third-party options available!

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are fantastic controllers, but not everyone likes them. The buttons are small, and people with larger hands may find that annoying or difficult to handle. Of course, Nintendo did design the Pro Controller as a more traditional gamepad for people who wanted something bigger, heavier, and a little more conventional; however, it’s $60.

If you want a more conventional gaming controller for your Switch, and you want to spend less money, you do have other options. Here are my favorite third-party controllers for Nintendo Switch.

  • PowerA Wired Plus Controller
  • HORIPAD Wired Nintendo Switch Controller
  • Bluetooth Motion Controller for Nintendo Switch
  • 8Bitdo SN30 Pro

PowerA Wired Plus Controller

About the same size as Nintendo Pro Controller, the PowerA Wired Plus Controller feels and functions much more like a conventional gamepad than the Joy-Cons included with your Switch.

As its name suggests, the controller is indeed wired, meaning you’ll have to plug it into the USB port on the back of your dock; however, the included cable is 10 feet long, giving you ample length to work with. Plus, the thumbsticks come in three different lengths, so you have some customization to how the physical sensitivity feels.

The PowerA Wired Plus Controller only costs about $24, but it is significantly more low-tech; it doesn’t have rumble, motion-control, or NFC.

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HORIPAD Wired Nintendo Switch Controller

If you are okay with sacrificing rumble, motion-control, and NFC capabilities, the HORIPAD Wired Nintendo Switch Controller is a very budget-friendly option.

Although the HORIPAD is not wireless, it comes with a 10-foot cable, making it long enough to sit a comfortable distance from your TV. The weirdest part of the HORIPAD Wired Nintendo Switch Controller is the detachable directional pad. When you take it off, it leaves a big indent and reveals four individual buttons, which allow you a little more precision, but isn’t the most practical.

Of course, the HORIPAD Wired Nintendo Switch Controller is only $20 making it a third of the price of Nintendo’s Pro Controller. If you can put up with a few compromises, it’s worth a look.

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Bluetooth Motion Controller for Nintendo Switch

A fairly powerful rumble feature, motion controls, and third-party wireless controller for only $27? Yes, please! The Bluetooth Motion Controller for Nintendo Switch gives you a lot of functionality for under half the price of a normal Pro Controller.

Although at first glance this control resembles an Xbox One gamepad, it has all the buttons you need to control your Nintendo Switch for any game. The home button lights up when the controller is on and also acts has an indicator for when the battery gets low.

Speaking of the battery, you should get about 8 hours of use between charges, and it charges with the included microUSB cord, that’s very short.

A few things to keep in mind, while this controller does feature rumble, it’s not Nintendo’s HD rumble, and it still has no NFC reader.

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8Bitdo SN30 Pro

The Nintendo Switch has a ton of retro and retro-styled games available in the Nintendo eShop, so why not use a controller that embodies that nostalgia in a perfect way?

The 8Bitdo SN30 Pro takes the retro Super Nintendo controller and brings it into the 21st century. It has all the buttons you need to control the Switch, including a home and screenshot button cleverly tucked away at the bottom of the controller. The select and start buttons function as the – and + buttons respectively, and the 8Bitdo SN30 even adds two joysticks so you can play all your games just like a Pro Controller.

While the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro is only slightly cheaper than the Pro Controller (about $50), it does pack in some quality motion-controls and rumble features that other cheaper controllers don’t have.

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Which third-party controllers do you use for your Nintendo Switch?

Let us know your favorites in the comments down below!

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