Best tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone SE


Because even small screens deserve great screen protectors.

Updated April 2017: We still like the Tech Armor ballistic screen protector, but any option on the list below wil serve you well.

iPhone SE has the same 4-inch screen as iPhone 5 and 5s, so there are already a plethora of tempered glass screen protectors on the market. Here are some of our favorites!

  • Maxboost screen protector
  • UPPERCASE premium screen protector
  • OMOTON screen protector (2-pack)
  • Tech Armor ballistic screen protector
  • Supershieldz ballistic screen protector (2-pack)

Maxboost screen protector

Maxboost’s product is a solid example of all the basics you need in a tempered glass screen protector. It comes with a lifetime warranty and does the job of protecting against sweat and oily residue that lives on your fingers.

As with other tempered glass versions, it tends not to be as noticeable as plastic protectors. It’s less likely to bubble and more likely to come off without leaving behind all kinds of adhesive goo. Your choice of phone case won’t be limited, since the glass is so thin. For a reasonable price, you’re getting that little bit of extra security your iPhone deserves.

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UPPERCASE premium screen protector

UPPERCASE is known for making rugged cases, and their tempered glass screen protector builds on that reputation. The rounded edges make it practically invisible and extra chip-resistant.

The bubble-free adhesive is easy to apply and easy to reposition before sticking down completely (which helps if you’re usually all-thumbs with this kind of stuff). The anti-shatter film is an added safety feature, and the lifetime warranty means that if the unthinkable happens, you’re covered.

If you’re already a fan of the brand, stick with them and you won’t be disappointed.

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OMOTON screen protector (2-pack)

You love a deal, we love a deal, and OMOTON does too. Two for the price of one is particularly fantastic, if it’s a quality product, and these screen protectors certainly are.

They’ve received glowing reviews for being both inexpensive and essential. Once applied, there’s zero effect on the Retina display and although there’s no cutout for the front-facing camera, photo and video quality aren’t compromised. If (or when) you remove the screen protector, there won’t be any residue stuck to your screen. At this price, get one for every phone in your household.

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Tech Armor ballistic screen protector

The Tech Armor brand has been a favorite for a number of years, and that’s for good reason. It’s not just made of ballistic tempered glass; it also offers four-way privacy, so no one can creep on your screen over your shoulder.

The camera cutout maintains photo and video quality while keeping dust and residue away from your screen. The lifetime warranty and brand reputation make this screen protector a top choice for buyers.

If you’re hard on your iPhone SE, this is the insurance policy you need to invest in.

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Supershieldz ballistic screen protector (2-pack)

Another two-for-one comes from Supershieldz. It has a camera cutout and fits easily into most iPhone SE cases. You won’t experience a rainbow-effect across your screen as interior or exterior light changes, which helps tremendously with clarity and visibility.

Fans of Supershieldz tend to buy multiple packs at once so that everyone they know can have a tempered glass protector and for the price, that’s not a bad idea.

Added bonus to this brand? If you’re looking for simple anti-glare protectors or even gold or pink screens, they do those too.

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The bottom line

Tempered glass screen protectors are the best way to keep your display in mint condition and safe from everyday accident. For overall quality, Tech Armor is tough to beat. If you’re deal-seeking and you want some color varieties, go with Supershieldz.

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