Best sports games for Nintendo Switch in 2018


The Nintendo Switch has gathered an array of excellent sports titles. Here are the best ones out now!

With its HD Rumble, Joy-Con controls, and focus on couch co-op or competition, the Nintendo Switch is surely a perfect fit for sports games. And though it didn’t boast many at launch, slowly but surely the system has acquired some excellent sports titles both from major franchises and indie developers.

If you’re looking for an excellent sports game to take on the go, consider some of the best sports games out on the Nintendo Switch right now:

  • Mario Tennis Aces
  • FIFA 18
  • Golf Story
  • NBA 2K18
  • Rocket League
  • Football Manager Touch 2018

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces is a recent launch that brings the Mario Tennis series back with an impressive serve after the lackluster Wii U entry. A laidback single player mode will get you into the game and accustomed to its controls, but the meat of Mario Tennis Aces is in its online multiplayer. With a variety of character and shot choices, various online tournaments, and a “simple mode” for those less interesting in the zany antics of trick shots, Mario Tennis Aces is the quintessential tennis video game. If you have ever enjoyed playing tennis in a video game, Aces is a game you can’t miss.

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FIFA 18 helped pioneer major, realistic sports gaming in its return to Nintendo consoles, proving the Switch could handle the detailed graphics and complex matches. The latest version of FIFA includes 52 stadiums, an enormous roster of popular players making appearances across numerous teams, and of course, Ultimate Team mode. It’s worth noting that on the Switch, story mode The Journey is sadly missing due to the game not being in EA’s Frostbite engine. That said, FIFA fans just interested in taking online matches and their favorite teams on the go may not mind the story omission.

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Golf Story

Golf Story swung seemingly out of nowhere to find a home among the other indie successes on Switch. Especially given that the system so far lacks a strong Mario Golf title, Golf Story fills that gap and more with its decent-sized story and meaty replayability. Not only can you play courses with fun obstacles and traps either alone or with friends, but simply exploring those courses outside of matches can uncover secrets for those with a solid enough swing–you can tee up from anywhere! Plus, Golf Story also includes other fun games such as disc golf and lawn bowling.

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NBA 2K18

For basketball on the Nintendo Switch, you have the option of picking up either NBA 2K18, or NBA Playgrounds. When Playgrounds launched, it was the only basketball title on the Switch, but was such a limited experience across all its platform releases that it was hard to recommend it. It’s even harder now since NBA 2K18 is here. 2K18 does the Nintendo Switch one better than the platform’s realistic soccer experience in FIFA 18 by having all the same modes and features available on Switch as on every other platform. You can play MyGM mode, MyLeague, and MyCareer, where you create your own player and follow them as they build their skills, sign with teams, and (hopefully) win a lot of basketball games. A new Neighborhoods mode offers somewhat of an open world where players can meet others playing at the same time and play pick-up games.

There’s a lot to NBA2K18, and the added portability factor on Switch is a plus compared to other platforms. It’s a good sign that we’ll continue to see 2K games on the Switch in years to come.

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Rocket League

It wouldn’t be a list of sports games without everyone’s favorite sport of all: car soccer! Rocket League continues its reign as a stand-out indie whether you’re driving crazy circles around your friends on the couch, winning match after match online, or just trying to figure out how crazy you can deck out your car this time. If you’ve somehow missed Rocket League over the last several years and are confused as to how car soccer could be fun: trust me. Of every title on this list, Rocket League is the one you absolutely should not miss. The feeling when you score an amazing aerial goal from across the pitch in ranked is one of the best feelings you can get in multiplayer gaming.

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Football Manager Touch 2018

Less keen on playing sports, and more interested in management? Football Manager made its way to Switch earlier this year with Football Manager Touch 2018, and despite worries that it would be far too scaled down to be enjoyable, it’s actually a solid entry in the series. Sega trimmed the fat of the game where it needed to be trimmed, removing a lot of the unnecessary build-up to matches but keeping the matches themselves and robust create-a-club features intact. The game includes over 2,500 clubs to choose from, or you can create one of your own for any league in the game, then play either against AI or online with friends and strangers. The core gameplay of Football Manager is all here and running smoothly on the Switch.

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What are your favorite Nintendo Switch sports games?

Did I miss one of the best Nintendo Switch sports games? Let me know in the comments!

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