Apple stores hit by thieves in disguise


Man steals $16,130 worth of iPhones by dressing up as an Apple Genius

If playing the Hitman games has taught me anything (other than that I’m too clumsy to be a contract assassin), it’s that a good disguise can get you anywhere. The Apple store uniform – blue shirts with tiny Apple logos – is both easier to come by and more useful than a full chicken suit, or a clown disguise. And an enterprising thief has used that to hit a couple of American Apple stores, most recently making off with $16,130 worth of merchandise.

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DNAInfo reports that a man entered the Soho New York store on June 1 dressed in the attire to blend in with the genuine Apple geniuses, entered the storeroom, emerged with 19 iPhones, and passed them to an accomplice who slipped out with them under his shirt. It sounds like the accomplice may have had a lot of pockets.

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time it’s happened, and it’s not even the first time it’s happened in New York this year. Back in March, the Upper West Side store fell for the same scheme twice, losing 67 iPhones at a cost of nearly $50,000. Back then, the New York Post reported that the particular branch may have been targeted as it was a known ‘training store’, where an unfamiliar face wouldn’t attract too much attention.

With three stores hit in the space of a year, you’d suspect Apple may make moves to up security of their operation – or at least treat anyone leaving the storeroom with enough iPhones to make a ‘house of cards’ style pyramid with suspicion.

Images: Dru Bloomfield and Luis Penados used under Creative Commons

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