6 Cheap TVs (Under $250) Ranked Best to Worst


The Vizio E32-D1 is an affordable Smart TV, with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity built in. The set may only be equipped with two HDMI ports, but it has Google Cast built in for easy content sharing between your smartphone or tablet and the TV, and the set supports thousands of apps, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO NOW and more.

The Vizio stood out in our lab testing with the highest maximum brightness of the bunch (295 nits), but in actual viewing, it was noticeably dim. The display’s contrast levels were also lower than other sets, and it showed. Fields of stars turned into black skies with only one or two bright spots, and even daylight scenes looked dark. Some of this is due to the fact that the TV’s normal picture settings double as the TV’s energy saver mode, so most other presets offer better brightness. In our testing, Vivid Mode offered the best brightness and overall picture quality.

Update 1/22: The Vizio E32-D1 we tested is currently out of stock.

Key Specs

Screen size: 32 inches
HDMI Ports:
Refresh Rate:
28.8 x 17 x 3.0 inches
Smart TV:

Credit: Vizio

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