Samsung Just Beat Apple to 5G Punch

So we know the Galaxy S10 won’t feature 5G support, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung from making a significant announcement on the 5G front. It comes in the form of a new modem — the first 5G modem Samsung has ever produced, that will enable exponentially faster data speeds in its future products. Samsung has […]

How to use Google Maps offline

It’s possible to use Google Maps offline, which is ideal if you find yourself needing to scope out a route or figure out where you are when you have no Wi-Fi, patchy 4G signal or simply don’t want to burn through your monthly data allowance. Many people use Google Maps daily, and some rely on it completely to navigate […]

Nokia 3.1 review

HMD Global is back with a new Nokia phone in the U.S., the Nokia 3.1. It’s a frills-free phone with an attractive price tag. But can it compete with other similarly priced budget phones? The post Nokia 3.1 review appeared first on Digital Trends. Thank you for your visit on this page Nokia 3.1 review […]

Microsoft Surface Book 2 (15in) review

THE SURFACE BOOK 2 has been around for some time, but it’s now available in a new, higher-spec 15in model.  It’s probably one of the most powerful Windows devices on the market right now, too, thanks to its dedicated Nvidia graphics, Intel Core i7 processor and its full-sized keyboard, trackpad and stylus, making it possibly the first […]

Coming First Half of 2019

Updated Aug. 14 at 3:00 p.m. ET with comment from Sprint and LG on what to expect from the phone. After years of wondering when our phones will finally take advantage of the crazy-fast speeds promised by 5G, we now have an answer: LG says it will launch the first 5G-ready smartphone as a Sprint […]

Nvidia unveils Turing architecture and GPUs with dedicated ray-tracing hardware

Nvidia has unveiled its new Turing architecture along with details of the first GPUs to use it. Turing includes dedicated “RT Core” hardware designed to drive ray tracing, a complex technique that can deliver extremely realistic lighting effects but has been prohibitively resource-intensive to render in real time. Nvidia calls the new Turing-based Quadro RTX […]

Galaxy Note 9 hands-on review

SINCE ITS LAUNCH last week, many have commented on the Note 9’s similarities to its Note 8 predecessor. Sure, there are upgrades. The Galaxy Note 9 boasts a slightly-bigger 6.4in screen, a Bluetooth-enabled S-Pen, a beefier battery and, if you’re willing to cough up for a 512GB microSD card, up to 1TB of storage. However, on […]