US reportedly pressuring Facebook to break Messenger’s encryption over MS-13 investigation

The US Department of Justice is reportedly trying to have Facebook break the end-to-end encryption of its popular Messenger chat app so that the government can spy on a suspect’s “ongoing voice conversations” in a criminal investigation related to the notorious MS-13 gang. Facebook has so far pushed back against the DoJ’s request, according to […]

Facebook Fighting FBI Over Encrypted Messages: Report

Facebook is fighting the U.S. Justice Department over a demand that the social-networking service decrypt Messenger voice conversations in a California case related to the MS-13 gang, Reuters reported earlier today (Aug. 17). Credit: Jaktraphong Photography/Shutterstock The case is being kept under seal, but Reuters said three separate individuals who were not named had told […]

Apple Hacked By 16-Year-Old Fan

An Australian teenager was such a fan of Apple that he hacked into the company’s servers and copied 90GB of internal data. An Apple Store in the Melbourne suburbs. Credit: Nils Versemann/Shutterstock The 16-year-old, who cannot be publicly named, pled guilty today (Aug. 16). He allegedly got hold of “authorized keys,” although it’s not clear […]

Moto Z3 – Full Review and Benchmarks

The good Good performance for the money Nice OLED display Compatible with all Moto Mods The bad 5G mod is still months away Recycled, less-durable design Below-average battery life Mediocre cameras Verizon exclusive Verdict Motorola’s latest modular flagship may one day take us to an exciting 5G future, but it’s an old soul at heart. […]

Customer sues AT&T for negligence over SIM hijacking that led to millions in lost cryptocurrency

US entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor Michael Terpin is suing AT&T for negligence and fraud that he claims resulted in millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency tokens being stolen from his account. Terpin says AT&T was his mobile carrier when criminals accessed his cellphone account by carrying out SIM swap fraud. They then stole the tokens […]

Samsung Just Beat Apple to 5G Punch

So we know the Galaxy S10 won’t feature 5G support, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung from making a significant announcement on the 5G front. It comes in the form of a new modem — the first 5G modem Samsung has ever produced, that will enable exponentially faster data speeds in its future products. Samsung has […]