Walmart Has the Google Home Mini for $35


Leave it to Amazon’s biggest rival to steal the Prime Day spotlight, albeit temporarily.

Walmart is celebrating its own version of Prime Day a few days early with a massive sale on our favorite Google Home devices.

Walmart’s Google sale has been ongoing all summer, but this week it’s gone into full throttle with some of the best discounts we’ve seen yet.

Headlining the sale is the Google Home Mini, which is selling for $34 ($15 off). Just a few weeks ago Walmart had it for $39, so you’re saving an extra $5. If you’re a fan of Google’s streaming devices, the rarely discounted Chromecast Ultra is now $49 ($20 off). The 4K streamer broadcasts gorgeous 4K HDR video and is an excellent addition if you’re already invested in the Google ecosystem. Other noteworthy deals include:


Smart Home


Amazon doesn’t sell any Google Home devices, so chances are these prices will be stable, since Walmart has no incentive to price match. However, Amazon does have the Pixelbooks on sale at the same prices. As a result, there’s a chance the Pixelbooks may get cheaper next week on Prime Day, so keep that mind before you pull the trigger.

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