The Best Controller for Fortnite


Bluetooth controllers will absolutely give you an edge in a game like Fortnite.

It’s incredible to see how Fortnite continues to make waves in the gaming industry. The mobile version has taken off, delivering an equivalent experience to the PC and console versions except for one missing feature — support for Bluetooth controllers.

There are supposedly workarounds for playing with a controller out there, but Epic Games has yet to add official support for Bluetooth controllers — but with no firm date set yet despite the community’s demand for support we’re left waiting in limbo for the update to finally roll out.

Granted it’s been four months since the game launched on iOS and the developers have surely had their hands full making sure that the game servers can handle the millions of players while adding cool new features and content to the game — but still. Give the people what they want!

You can keep yourself prepared for that day by picking up one of these two controllers, which are both great but offer uniquely different gaming experiences. Let’s dive in.

SteelSeries Nimbus

The SteelSeries Nimbus is essentially the pinnacle of gaming controllers for all your Apple devices. Featuring twin-stick controls and shoulder buttons, this is a controller that’s perfect for all sorts of gaming on your iPhone, iPad, and even Apple TV. This is a MFi Bluetooth controller that won’t let you down.

It features a internal battery that supports up to 40 hours of gaming and is rechargeable via Lightning Port, and there’s also the Nimbus Companion app that will help you discover other great games for iOS that support Bluetooth controllers.

This is a great option specifically if you use a wallet case or a style ring to prop up your phone so you can comfortably game wherever you are.

You can find this great controller at your local Apple Store, or pick it up online from Amazon for just $45.

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GameVice Controller

If you prefer your gaming controller to actually attach to your phone, and love the look and feel of the Nintendo Switch and want something similar for your iPhone, you’ll want to drop some cash on the GameVice Controller for iPhone.

This peripheral gives you all the controls you need to dominate the competition while also cutting out any latency issues associated with bluetooth by connecting directly to your phone via the Lightning Port. You get all the joysticks and buttons you’d expect from a controller and because it attaches right to your phone you don’t have to worry about propping your phone up to play. It’s much more comfortable this way and also keeps your phone in your hands.

According to comments I’ve read online, these controllers have been flying off the shelves at Apple Stores because people are hyped for them to finally start working with Fortnite, and GameVice has stated they’re prepared to support the game as soon as Epic lets them.

Get this MFi controller for $80 direct from Apple.

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Are you keen to play Fortnite with a controller?

What are your thoughts on playing Fortnite with touch controls? Would controller support get you back in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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