Our shared concept of truth is being held together by hatred of Comcast

Truth is in trouble. Fake news. State disinformation campaigns. Facebook bubbles. But even as our deeply polarized electorate sets fire to The Enlightenment, there’s one shred of common belief that unites the right and left-wings of the world: the idea that Comcast is Bad. It’s downright patriotic. Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, […]

Najtańsza wersja iPhone’a 7 z 32 GB pamięci?

  Mała ilość pamięci wewnętrznej w smartfonie może okazać się bardzo dokuczliwa, zwłaszcza jeśli jednocześnie nie można korzystać ze slotu na kartę microSD. Wiedzą coś o tym sięgający po najtańsze wersje iPhone’ów. Być może w tym roku będzie nieco inaczej. Zaczynają nasilać się informacje mówiące o tym, iż Apple zrezygnuje wreszcie z wariantu oferującego 16 GB […]

HTC to launch into mobile VR

Although the VR market is stagnating a little, it still has tremendous potential and looks likely to explode by 2020. Before capturing the hearts and minds of the public, there are quite a few issues that must first be resolved. Some companies see virtual reality as the promised land where they can prosper. This is particularly the case with […]

Why are OLED screens better for our smartphones?

Perhaps you weren’t aware but there are several screen technologies currently in use today, and each smartphone manufacturer has its own tastes and preferences for their devices. The OLED display has an advantage that places it above the rest, especially when it comes to its main competitor: LCD. Let’s take a look at exactly what makes OLED superior. Before looking at the benefits of the OLED […]