You've Got Questions, Michael Fisher's Got Videos (and the fastest growing new tech channel on YouTube!)

Over 30,000 youtube subscribers in less than a week… and MrMobile is just getting started! It’s been a whirlwind ten days in MrMobile’s Boston studios, where we’ve been focused on crafting the biggest YouTube debut party the mobile tech space has ever seen. In less than two weeks, I’ve published an introduction video, two smartphone […]

uBeam shows off futuristic wireless charging tech in its first public demo

uBeam is a bit of a mystery in Silicon Valley. The wireless charging company claims to have developed a way to charge electronic devices using ultrasonic waves, for truly cord-less charging regardless of what surface your smartphone is touching. The company has been criticized for avoiding detailed discussions and demonstrations of its technology, drawing comparisons […]

Verizon buys Yahoo: there are no untouchables in the tech industry

According to Bloomberg and Reuters – citing market analysts and sources involved in the business –  ​​Verizon is ambitious and it aiming to compete with Google and Facebook in the online advertising market. For this, it hopes to integrate Yahoo and AOL, another company that has been a giant in the internet industry and which was also purchased by Verizon.  With […]