The 5 Best Steam Alternatives

PC gaming is all about having options, and if you think Steam is the only place worth getting your games, you may be missing out on deals or entire catalogs that aren’t available there. Credit: Tom’s GuideEach platform brings something a little different to the table, and you might be surprised about what’s on offer. […]

Best Leather Cases for iPhone X

Wrap your sophisticated iPhone X in a sophisticated leather case! The iPhone X is touted as the best iPhone Apple has ever made, and that’s pretty accurate. Some would also argue that leather cases are the best cases for any phone, because leather. The look of it, the smell of it, the texture. If you […]

The Android Phones to Beat

More refinement than revolution, the Galaxy S9 ($720) and Galaxy S9+ ($840) build upon the best phone design in years in subtle but important ways. The new phones boast an improved camera for better low-light photos, a fun new Super Slow-Mo video mode, and improved performance — all stuffed inside handsets that are still the […]

What We Love and Hate

What a year it’s been for the Nintendo Switch. It feels like just yesterday when we were anticipating Nintendo’s hybrid console with bated breath, anxious over whether it would be anything more than a portable Zelda machine. Left to Right: Andrew Freedman, Mike Andronico, Henry T. Casey, Jorge Jimenez, Marshall Honorof Fast forward to March […]