Amazon Echo Spot review

AMAZON HAS already shown that its flagship range of Echo devices, with Alexa voice control aboard, is no one trick pony. In fact, since its launch in the UK back in 2016, we’ve seen it take on a range of forms, most recently the Amazon Echo Show, the first device with video as well as […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 review (hands-on), prices and specs: 2016 flagship gets watercooling, a microSD slot and water-resistance

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a phone that makes complete sense. There’s no major design overhaul – only incremental performance and camera upgrades – but it’s now the 5.1in counterpoint to the 5.5in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It’s the phone you want if you prefer a smaller handset, and it’s the phone you want if […]

Honor 7X review

WHEN WE FIRST got our hands on the Honor 7X back in November, our first impressions were of a solid mid-ranger with an excellent price (now officially announced at £269). However, already we could spot a few potential pitfalls — and now we’ve had the phone for a little longer, we’re ready to give you the […]

Apple iPhone 7 review

After five years of writing phone reviews, I’ve learned that no new phone comes without a pain point or two. After writing five iPhone reviews, I’ve learned that those pain points produce widespread criticism no matter what. The iPhone 5 annoyed people with its new Lightning charger. The iPhone 5S was still tiny among huge Android devices. […]

What We Love and Hate

What a year it’s been for the Nintendo Switch. It feels like just yesterday when we were anticipating Nintendo’s hybrid console with bated breath, anxious over whether it would be anything more than a portable Zelda machine. Left to Right: Andrew Freedman, Mike Andronico, Henry T. Casey, Jorge Jimenez, Marshall Honorof Fast forward to March […]