NAZG Dark – Icons v14.0.1 Apk

NAZG Dark – Icons v14.0.1Requirements: 4.2+Overview: As the reverse version of NAZG, NAZG Dark brings the same design from NAZG, but with a different twist, dark backgrounds to make the gradients shine. NAZG Dark has over 1000 themed apps, 15 generic folders, 25 drawers, more than 24 cloud based wallpapers, dynamic calendars, CM Theme Engine, […]

Dark Pixel Icon Pack,Nova/Apex v33

Dark Pixel Icon Pack,Nova/Apex v33Requirements: 4.1+Overview: Dark Pixel Icon Pack The first Pixel icon pack made for dark themes! Important This is an icon pack, so it needs a launcher that allows to apply icon packs. The following ones are compatible (also some other ones): -Nova Launcher; -Action Launcher; -Adw Launcher; -Apex Launcher; -Atom Launcher; […]

Turing Phone Dark Wyvern review

Turing Robotics seems to be banking heavily on the Turing Phone. Not only has the company delayed the release of the device for months upon months, but it even completely changed the operating system, going from Android to the somewhat unknown Sailfish OS — a very risky move for a company that’s still building a […]

GodOfDarkWar XAP

OS – Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8 VERSION - SIZE -31 MB GodOfDarkWar is a strong movement types of cosplay game, the story is about the Lord of darkness to expand their own dark forces, using the dark forces himself imprisoned many heroes of the soul, which are to save the […]