Nuu G3 Review | Digital Trends

Research Center: Nuu G3 The budget smartphone market continues to be competitive. Gone are the plasticky and bulky smartphones that crawled along due to low RAM and plenty of bloatware — they’ve been replaced with a breed of budget phones that manage to work well, while looking stylish. That’s the balance the Nuu G3 is striving […]

Nokia 1 Hands-on review | Digital Trends

If you ignore Samsung and Apple, the main focus for a lot of other smartphone manufacturers has been to capitalize on the flourishing budget handset market. We’ve continued to see a good range of budget smartphones especially in the $200 to $300 range, but get ready for some stellar Android phones under $100. It’s all thanks […]

Land Rover Explore Hands-on Review

There’s a Land Rover sitting in your garage, a pair of kayaks resting up against the wall, and you’ve got this weekend’s hiking route already sorted out. If only your phone was as prepared. Modern, high-end smartphones are delicate little flowers, and won’t keep up with a seriously active lifestyle. That’s where the Land Rover […]

Honor 9 Lite Hands-on Review

Much has been written about how the flashiest smartphones have only become more expensive over the past months, a trend set to continue, unfortunately. The good news is the cheaper end of the spectrum has also changed over the same period of time. Low-cost phones haven’t become less expensive, they’ve simply improved. You get more […]