Samsung Galaxy S8 UK release date and news: Galaxy S8 Plus “confirmed” by Samsung


An illustration from the Galaxy S7 Secure Folder app has been causing flutters today, given what looks to be a tease for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

When you launch the app, available unofficially for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge devices running Android 7.0 Nougat, you’ll see a render of a smartphone. It’s hardly a photograph of the S8, but it does seem to show a handset very similar what has been reported about the upcoming flagship – namely its ultra-thin bezels and lack of a home button.

Previous leaks have shown the Galaxy S8’s case, front and rear panels, but this is the first tease to have come from a Samsung source. It may be an illustration, but it hints at Samsung bringing its Secure Folder feature to the Galaxy S8, as well as to the Galaxy S7. The feature was previously only available in the Galaxy Note 7, and allowed users to hide personal files including documents, videos and images.

We’ll know for sure when the Galaxy S8 is launched in late March. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus “confirmed” by Samsung

Renowned tipster Evan Blass recently tweeted out an alleged shot of “Samsung Galaxy S8+” branding. This came alongside a reddit thread noting the Samsung India support page for the S8 Plus has already gone live – with the handset under the code name SM-G955FD.

There’s nothing in the way of pictures of information about the Galaxy S8 Plus, but the signs do hint at Samsung ditching the ‘Edge’ moniker of the S6 and S7. This would make sense if other rumours are to be believed – that both variants of the S8 handset will have curved, ‘infinity’ displays.

According to a report in The Guardian, the S8 will have displays that cover the majority of the device’s front – so much so that there may not even be room for a Samsung logo. More on that report below.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will cut bezels for its ‘infinity’ display, report claims

A leaked photo, allegedly showing a case for the Samsung Galaxy S8, suggests that the new flagship will have a fingerprint scanner on its back panel, right beside its rear camera.

The picture was spotted on Weibo by PhoneArena, and claims to show a pair of plastic cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8 – in standard and Plus sizes respectively. Both have holes cut into the centre top, for the phone’s camera sensors and a fingerprint sensor.

While far from concrete evidence, it backs up previous reports that Samsung has decided to shift the location of its fingerprint scanner. A recent leak by Evan Blass alleged to show the Galaxy S8 itself, and case’s fingerprint hole looks to match the sensor’s position in this photo.

A report in The Guardian also pointed to a rear fingerprint sensor (more on that below), with the reason being Samsung’s decision to reduce the size of its top and bottom bezels. Shifting the sensor to free up room on the front seems logical, although placing it directly beside the camera does seem like a good way to smudge your lens.

We probably wont get confirmation on the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint sensor position until March, seeing as Samsung has said it wont be showing off its newest flagship at MWC in Barcelona. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 will cut bezels for its ‘infinity’ display, report claims

A report in The Guardian claims that the two versions of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 handset will have curved, ‘infinity’ displays. These will cover the majority of the device’s front, with bezels at the top and bottom reduced compared to those on the Galaxy S7. 

According to two unnamed sources, the size of the screen means there is no room for a Samsung logo. It also means that the fingerprint scanner will be moved to the back of the device.

Several sources have also said that the Galaxy S8 will have a 3.5mm headphone jack – something Apple did away with in the iPhone 7. There will reportedly be incremental updates to the S7’s cameras, and the addition of an iris scanner. There have been strong hints that the chipset in the S8 will be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor, the first supply of which Samsung has scooped up.  

The pictures we’ve seen of alleged S8 leaks indeed show a handset with small top and bottom bezels, and without a home button. Regardless of whether or not Samsung squeeze a logo on the front, it looks like the Korean company plans to maximise the S8’s display.

The Guardian report claims the Galaxy S8 will be announced in late March, and will go on sale around 21 April. That roughly matches up with other reports we’ve heard, which pin a launch/release to April. Either way, the S8 wont be making an appearance at MWC in Barcelona, as has been recently confirmed by the company. More on that on the next page.

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