Samsung Galaxy Note 8 news, release date and specs


Earlier this year, Samsung mobile chief Dongjin Koh seemingly let the cat out of the bag, telling journalists in Taiwan that the Galaxy Note 8 will land at the end of August. Now, the company has all but confirmed it on its official Twitter handle.

According to Taiwanese site ePrice, the Samsung mobile boss said the Galaxy Note 8 would be officially announced towards the end of August, with a release following in two waves – the first in September and the second in October. Today’s tweet reads: “Save the date! August 23, 2017 #DoBiggerThings.” This is accompanied by a link to a Samsung Unpacked event invitation and a GIF showing a phone and a stylus. 

Clicking through to the press release, Samsung says: “On August 23rd, Samsung Electronics will reveal the latest member of the Galaxy family with the ultimate multitasking device for those who want to do bigger things with their phone. This highly anticipated addition to the Galaxy roster was specifically designed for people who move through barriers to do more of what matters to them.”

The event will take place at Park Avenue Armory in New York City at 11am EST (4pm BST) and the live stream of the event will be available at

Koh didn’t give a precise date for the Note 8’s launch, although a number of rumours had circulated previously about a 23 August unveiling, which today’s tweet bolster. Koh also didn’t give any information which countries would be included in the first wave, although major markets like the US and the UK are likely contenders.

This tweet follows on from an earlier one this week, also posted by an official Samsung Twitter account, which showed a picture of a device that looked remarkably like the Galaxy Note 8 as it has been described in leaks. The tweet was intended to promote Samsung’s Exynos 8895 processor, used in both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Instead of picturing it with those handsets, however, the promo included a mysterious new phone – with a wider infinity display and even smaller top bezels than either of Samsung’s current flagships.

While the pictured phone looks like a Galaxy S8 from a glance, closer inspection shows a subtly different design, with those aforementioned slim-line bezels. The Note 8 is expected to be the first in the range to feature an Infinity Display, and this tweet looked to all-but confirm that fact ahead of today’s invitation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 news and rumours

In one respect, now is the perfect time for the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung knows there’s a gap in the phablet market, with limited options for those that like their handsets a little bigger. On the other hand, the reason for the gap in the market is because they created it: the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lasted just 53 days on the market before it was withdrawn for safety reasons.

Samsung could have decided to kill off the brand in the circumstances, but rumours are circling that they’ll be coming out all guns blazing with a follow-up. Faster, better and – most importantly – safety checked to the nth degree. Whether or not it will be called a Note is yet to be seen (especially as Samsung has a tablet from 2013 called the Note 8.0), but something is very likely to follow.

Here are the latest rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, including release date, features and specifications. Please note (pun DEFINITELY intended) that accompanying pictures are of the ill-fated Note 7 until more shots emerge.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Features and specifications

Let’s talk Note 8 features and specifications. Historically, thanks to the later-in-the-year release date, the Note series gets a little boost over the S handset, and if that’s the case again, then we can expect the Note 8 to be a very nippy handset indeed. The Note 8 is expected to pack the Galaxy S8’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor in some markets, and the Exynos 8895 chipset in others.

You can also expect innovations from the S8 to make the leap to the Note 8, including the removal of the home button, and the fingerprint reader relocating to the back of the phone. It’s also possible that the increased screen size of the Note (plus Samsung’s love of the Gear VR where your eyes are super close to the screen) to justify a leap to a 4K display.

Other than that, given the S8 and S8 Plus are due to increase screen size slightly thanks to bezel reductions, it’s possible that the Note 8 will follow suit. We could well see the Note 8’s screen break the 6in barrier. That size should leave ample room for a 3,500mAh battery to give the phablet plenty of stamina. Android N (with a quick update to the upcoming Android O) seems likely, and waterproofing is expected given all Samsung flagships have had that since 2014.

Then there’s the S-Pen – Samsung’s stylus that separates the Note from other big phones. This is where we’ll possibly see the first new feature: the pen doubles as a speaker. Patently Mobile noticed that back in September, Samsung filed a patent for a Note Pen with a speaker embedded into the top. Don’t get too excited though – this seems to be more a design quirk than a feature, meaning that the speaker can be kept at the bottom of the handset. As the site explains: “When the pen is being stored in the Galaxy Note body, the speaker, which is in the pen shaft, carries sound through the pen and exists at the top of the pen via a new speaker. When the pen is removed for the Note device the sound simply travels from the internal speaker through the pen shaft opening.”

Elsewhere, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the first handset from the Korean manufacturer to feature a dual-camera setup. In a note to investors, seen by AppleInsider, Kuo writes that, the camera will be “much better” than the dual setup fouind in the iPhone 7 Plus and should rival the upcoming iPhone 8.

More recently, reports have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will ship with Bluetooth headphones, similar to the AirPods released by Apple. They are expected to come with Bixby-features built-in, as well as proprietary noise-cancelling technology. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Release date and price

There have been six Galaxy Note devices in the past (confusingly, there was no Galaxy Note 6, and the Note 5 didn’t reach our shores), and typically they’ve been announced at the IFA tradeshow, which takes place in September. A release follows shortly afterwards. Here’s what I mean by that:

Release date

Samsung Galaxy Note

October 29 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

September 26 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

September 25 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

October 17 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

August 25 2015*

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

September 2 2016**

*Not released in the UK

**Withdrawn from sale in October

There is a chance, of course, that Samsung will mix things up a little given the Note 7 is no longer with us. Some rumours suggested it would launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8, but that didn’t pan out. 

Recent reports have said that late-August is when the Note 8 will launch and today’s invitation seems to confirm this. 

So what about price? Are you sitting down? This isn’t going to be a handset you’d call “cheap” in any way shape or form.

The Note 7 launched for a whopping £699. True, it came with the S-Pen and 64GB of storage as standard, but that’s still a pricey handset. For comparison the S8 launched at £689, so Samsung certainly isn’t backtracking from the ultra-premium price bracket. 

Who knows where that will leave the Note 8? A lot depends on the state of the pound by the time the handset is ready to roll, but I’d imagine you’re looking at at least £750 given the current state of Brexit Britain pricing, and probably more. Better start saving.

We’ll update this article as more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is revealed.

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