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download Lucky Patcher apk Removal of license applications and games for Android form ApkHouse.

Lucky Pachter latest version of Android

With the ability to automatically update to the latest version Lucky Patcher tutorial Read more

The new version of the program is the ability to clone apps

Of course, if you do not know Lucky Patcher software and customer stalwart at least for once, was not it heard its name. Most are able to license this software patches and software applications and games and game trials to become a permanent crack software! Now the latest version of the software comes with a video tutorial of the Distinguished Visitor APKHOUSE placed at your disposal.

Consider the Software Freedom with no need to install this software is the integration of Freedom and if you do not have a paid-up inline and Lucky Patcher be able to patch it will be able to Pachter Lucky payments do counterfeit prompts.


Note: To use this software, you should be sure your phone is rooted.

To read more, see the tutorial.

Green: means that the program has an excellent chance to patch up.

Yellow: means that the program has specific patch and if it matches the version installed by the patch program is 100% wool.

Light blue: this means that it can be patched with Google ads and ads removed.

Pink: It Mrny that this program is on the list of boot up and automatically runs Android.

Pale purple color: means that the program has paid into the program and the chance to make fraudulent payments.

Red: this means that it’s not a patch and there is no chance to crack.

Orange: it means that the program is an Android system and patch it should be and may sometimes interfere with the operation of the program.

Mark leaves: active it would indicate that the program has created changes in lacquered Pjr.

Star sign: ODEX file with the changes made to the program. If ODEX delete the program will return to the state before the patch.

Lucky Patcher v6.2.6 APK (6.0 MiB, 73,490 hits)

Lucky Patcher v6.2.6 APK

How to patch up Android apps and games at Lucky Pachter:

To do this you must do to make the program a long touch patch menu appears and then select the desired type of patch to change.

1. The option Custom patch:

For specific patch is applied and the priority is. If this option is enabled for the application you select it.

Option 2. Remove License Verification:

To remove the license application and games that will be faced with the choice of a few options:

A) mode or auto Auto Modes:

It has several different modes that automatically patch the application. It is important to not only the first state to try and if other modes such as Inversed and try Extreme Mode.

And if Amazon or Samsung plans to market an option to select it. If the app is moved to SD Card Option to select Apply Patch to dalvik-cache.

B) Manually mode or manually:

In this mode you can manually patch pattern different to do. We have 7 different patterns to patch up the existing program. Backup option to check for patches manually first. The internet enabled. Select a template and click Patch option. You can now test the application by selecting Launch. Select the Restore option does not work if the selected pattern and the next pattern apply. Finally, when the program was Patch Fix Changes options to choose from.

C) mode Selected Patterns:

If the above does not work mode can also try options in the area.

3. Select Remove Google Advertisements:

With this option, you can not remove the ads in the application itself has two different modes, and if the first option does not work, try the next option.

4. Option Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation:

This option has the option of paying for programs that are in the program. In fact, this is the same program Freedom will perform popular. After patching the program by the option to pay for the chance to do a program for free. After applying Pj and run applications in-app payments when choosing your payment options Lucky Pachter be displayed.

5. The option Change The application’s components:

You can access these options by components defined in the program to disable or change. This option requires information on how Android programming, but by trial and error can either come to fruition.

6. The option Create Modified APK File:

APK files patched by this option can create. This patch that described above on the install program to apply next time there is no need to apply patches. After saving changes to files in the folder mode LuckyPatcherstored in the phone’s memory.

Options 7. Remove ODEX with changes:

ODEX given the option to remove it is created with the changes and returns the program to the state before the patch.

Options 8. Remove Selected saved File:

This option also removes all payments made by the program and the program returns to the first case.

9. Option Backup:

The option of the backup program.

10. Option Restore:

This option restores the backup application.

11. Option Patch on Reboot:

Pj during restart operations by the seller and latest android done. It is Napaydr used only for apps that need to amend library SO. Have.

12. The option Manual Patcher:

This option is only for professionals put up with the changes in the HEX string to patch their programs. To use this option you need to have competence in programming for Android.

13. Option ODEX This Application:

ODEX version of the application provides this option. In the case of ODEX Read more …

14. The option Disable Package Freeze:

By using this option can freeze and disable installed programs still have to install the program.

15. Options Share this App:

This option provides the ability to share the app for you.

All options in the program that need to be explained to patch up but an additional option called Toolboxprogram that included some features of the program is the most important of which is the installation of the Google Play Store mode.

Also in Settings, you can change the settings to customize the settings for the interface, or the appearance of the program.

Although day-to-day functionality of the app is added and carefully, but do not miss the chance to go up the foundation of this program and the program does not always work 100% and everything depends on luck!

Changes in this version Lucky Patcher 6.2.6:
– Update last modded Google Play;
– Update custom patches;
– Update translations;
– Bugs fixed.

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Lucky Patcher v6.2.6 APK (6.0 MiB, 73,490 hits)

Lucky Patcher v6.2.6 APK

Requires Android: 2.0+

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