How to trigger Spotify’s creepy Stranger Things Easter egg


In honor of Stranger Things upcoming second season, which premieres this Friday on Netflix, Spotify has hidden a spooky little gem in its web player: a re-skin that turns the black-and-green media player into The Upside Down. It won’t affect the music you’re playing, but it will add some floating spores and a flashlight beam to make your listening experience a little creepier.

Triggering the Easter egg is pretty simple: just open the Spotify, play the Stranger Things soundtrack for either season, and let it play. Wait a few seconds, and you’ll enter the home of the Demogorgon. If you move your mouse or browse around Spotify, however, it’ll disappear.

The trick only seems to work on the browser-based version of Spotify; neither me nor my colleagues were able to activate it on the desktop app, but it might just be a matter of time before it works there too. It also only applies to the Stranger Things soundtracks — sadly, I could not get Drake to take the plunge — and Spotify only supports specific browsers, like Chrome. Nevertheless, it is Halloween season, and who doesn’t appreciate a little visual panache with their moody playlists?

Thanks, Ben Krogh!

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