Google Assistant is coming to your Android Nougat phone this week


Google Assistant finally breaks free of its Pixel Phone exclusivity

Google Assistant – Google’s answer to Siri or Alexa – is finally expanding beyond the Google Pixel Phone.

Starting this week, Google is pushing its Assistant technology to all Android 7 Nougat and Android 6 Marshmallow phones running Google Play Services. Because this isn’t an OTA rollout – it just simply uses the Google Play Store – you won’t have to wait for your phone manufacturer or network operator to get around to rolling it out as an update.

As expected, those in the US will receive the update first, followed by Australia, Canada and then the UK. The first non-English-speaking country to receive the update will be Germany with other countries and languages coming shortly thereafter.

The rollout of Assistant to other smartphones besides the Pixel Phone is great news for the service, showing that Google is now confident enough in its AI offering to roll it out to a larger userbase. At this year’s MWC it also appears that a lot of new phones will be running Assistant out of the box – most notably the LG G6.

Google Assistant’s expansion also hints at other Assistant-enabled products, like Google Home, receiving a global rollout sooner rather than later.

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