How to use a green screen in OBS and XSplit

If you’re a frequent viewer on Mixer or Twitch and wonder how your favorite streamers have managed to make their backgrounds disappear from around them on camera, chances are they’re using a green screen. There are cameras out there that will do it through software (Logitech’s C922) or by using Intel RealSense (Razer Stargazer), but […]

Chime-in: What PC are you saving up for?

The PC market is vibrant with all sorts of configurations, form factors, power levels, and price points. You have super-powerful laptops like the Dell XPS 15 at the highest end, boasting incredible power in a slim package. There are custom gaming rigs which sacrifice portability for value and power, and then more interesting options with […]

Disney’s Moana comes to Minecraft

Minecraft’s Aquatic Update, which adds new content to the oceans, might be a few months away but today, Microsoft released the Moana Character Pack. The Moana Character Pack features famous Pacific Islanders, the shapeshifting god Maui, a giant gold-hoarding crab, pirates, apparitions, demons, and much more. You can even play as the infamous chicken who […]

Lenovo discloses security vulnerability in ThinkPad fingerprint manager

If you’re using an older ThinkPad with a fingerprint sensor, you’ll want to update it pronto. Lenovo has disclosed a high-severity security vulnerability with its Fingerprint Manager Pro software for ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, and ThinkStation systems (via Engadget). According to Lenovo, the software uses weak encryption and a hardcoded password, allowing for attackers to more easily […]

Connection issues on Monster Hunter World for Xbox? Capcom is working on a fix

Monster Hunter: World is gaining heaps of praise across the industry for its beauty, depth, and addictive qualities, however, it hasn’t all been plain sailing on Xbox One. Beyond the technical issues that hinder the game’s performance, Monster Hunter: World also suffers from server problems that are preventing players from connecting for co-operative play. Thankfully, […]

Best Desktop PC for VR in 2018

Best customization: Origin Chronos See at Origin Origin will build you a desktop PC from a huge range of options that fit both your budget and your desires. Each PC is built to order and the Chronos packs an enormous amount of power into a fairly small box. You can spec one up with an […]