I Just Performed Surgery in VR

LAS VEGAS – Scalpel. Cramps. Syringe. The majority of virtual reality content are games targeting the highly profitable gaming market. But there’s more to virtual reality than blasting baddies, climbing mountains and exploring dungeons. The technology has plenty of practical and educational uses, as I found out at the HTC even during CES 2018. The […]

What You Need to Know

AMD has traditionally delivered value in its line of processors, so it sent a bit of a ripple through the industry when its first CPUs based on its latest “Zen” microarchitecture, in the new Ryzen line, started off on the upper end of the performance (and price) scale. Before long, Ryzen chips were already trickling […]

8 Biggest Tech Trends to Watch at CES 2018

As technology marches forward, we’re always looking for the next big thing, but that thing could be a gadget or a breakthrough that will power an entirely new category of products. At CES 2018, we’ll see the industry’s pioneering spirit on full display as more than 3,900 companies and 170,000 people converge on Las Vegas […]

The Best Free Games on Steam

Having too many free video games is hardly the worst thing in the world. Still, when it comes to the Steam marketplace, the enormous amount of free-to-play content can make finding the right choice seem daunting. Fortunately, Steam has nurtured a plethora of challenging, unique and addictive titles over the years that won’t cost you […]

How To Replace Your iPhone’s Battery for $29

If you’ve got a years-old iPhone, you should probably take advantage of Apple’s discounted $29 battery replacement program before it ends in December 2018. Owners of the iPhone 6 and newer models are entitled to the special pricing after it was discovered the company had been throttling processors on those devices to compensate for degraded […]

Best Waterproof and Water-Resistant Phones

These waterproof (and water-resistant) phones are the best companions for people who live action-packed, wet-and-wild lives. Thanks for your visiting on this page Best Waterproof and Water-Resistant Phones, We hope this post can be a good reference for you and provide useful information for you :-). This article is sourced from:

How to Set Up YouTube Parental Controls

You can go to YouTube to learn something, have a laugh, listen to music, and watch some of the content you enjoyed years ago. But as many have learned thanks to recent controversy, YouTube also has content that isn’t appropriate for children.  Credit: True Images/Alamy YouTube Dangers Logan Paul, a popular YouTube user with more […]

What to Expect from Nintendo Switch in 2018

The Nintendo Switch dominated 2017. By brilliantly bridging the gap between home console and handheld gaming — not to mention releasing a stellar year-one game lineup — Nintendo delivered its first must-have system in what feels like ages, selling over 10 million units of the Switch in a staggeringly short amount of time. Image: Shaun […]