Benchmark tests leaked for Nokia 8


When Nokia decided to join the Android gang, it didn’t do things half-heartedly. In a relatively short amount of time, it has launched quite a number of entry level and mid-range devices, and two more are on their way: the Nokia 8 and Nokia 9. There has been a bit more hubub about the Nokia 9, but the Nokia 8 has stayed relatively under the radar. Until now. Check out the images of the devices, find information on the launch date and in the latest, see the leaked benchmarks in our technical specs section.

Nokia 8: release date and price

Roland Quandt, a leaker known for his insider contacts, has received and shared new information about the release date, color variants, price and technical specs of the Nokia 8.

Originally, he shared that the unveiling of the Nokia 8 was going to be at the end of July, but it has since been rescheduled to August 16, in London. The colors will be Blue, Steel, Gold/Blue and Gold/Copper, and it will sell for under 600 EUR (about $700).

Previous leaks suggested that the Nokia 8 would get the Snapdragon 660, but now the Snapdragon 835 has emerged in Geekbench benchmarking results. For more information on the specs, read on.

Nokia 8: design

Once again, Evan Blass is at the source of the leak. He’s shown us something that he thinks may be the next Nokia flagship. It looks rather nice actually, the glass edges are rounded and the camera on the rear looks quite elegant. Certain rumors are suggesting a 5.7-inch display, others say 5.3 inches. The smaller option would be interesting because it would imply that Nokia is putting forward a medium-sized screen albeit the general trend of increasing screen size, as seen in other recent flagship devices (take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6).

The Gold/Copper color variant has been photographed, and it popped up on Baidu on July 26.

Nokia 8 leak copper gold 2
This is what the Nokia 8 should look like. / © Baidu

It appears to be a pre-production model, as the Zeiss logo is missing from the rear dual camera and there is a number conspicuously printed on the back just under the Nokia logo. Numbers like these are used to identify leaks, or mark different stages of a product’s development.

Nokia 8 leak copper gold 3
The fingerprint scanner is located on the front. / © Baidu

A video has also been making the rounds for months, showing the device under different angles and confirming the photo leaks.

After the video above was revealed, there was a leak on the official Nokia page confirming the design, which you can see below.

nokia 8 official listing leak
Nokia 8 leaked on official website. / © Baidu

 Nokia 8: technical specs

Once again, Nokia passes under the scrutinizing eye of benchmarking tests. This Nokia 8 was tested on GFXBench and a screenshot has appeared on the web. It’s worth nothing that the title in the image is Nokia 9, but the three model numbers are of Nokia 8. Does this mean that the three models have the same potential? Perhaps the three models will be different in size?

It’s no surprise that we find an octa-core processor (the Snapdragon 835), an Adreno 540 graphics chip, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. Also unsurprisingly, this Nokia is (on paper, at least) just like all other high-end devices today.

nokia 8 gfxbench
Nokia 8 (or perhaps Nokia 9) benchmarking. © GFXBench

 Nokia 8: rumored technical specs

Rumored specs as of July 25, 2017
Display 5.3 inches
Format 1,440 x 2,560 Pixels (16:9)
Front camera 13 MP
Rear camera Dual camera with 13 MP (OIS und EIS) and Carl Zeiss technology
Android version Android 7.1.1 Nougat
Internal storage 64 GB
Processor Snapdragon 835; 2.45 GHz
Battery Unknown
Price Around <$700
Release date August 16, 2017

The device bears the code name TA-1012. Benchmarking tests hint at some promising tech specs: Qualcomm’s octa-core processor (Snapgradon 835) and 4GB RAM memory. In short, it ticks the boxes for a standard 2017 flagship device.

What do you think about Nokia’s new smartphone? Think it stands a chance against this year’s other flagships?

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