Understanding Apple and its huge pile of cash

Understanding Apple’s cash is as difficult and important as understanding Apple itself. Apple is one of the most successful and profitable companies in the history of companies. Despite a series of dividends and stock buy-backs, Apple still holds almost $269 billion in cash and investments. That’s not just unusual, it’s unprescedented. It’s a sum so […]

T-Mobile Is the ‘Operator to Beat’

A year ago, network testing firm OpenSignal saw an even battle between T-Mobile and Verizon over which carrier could claim the better-performing wireless network. These days, though, the firm’s latest testing results point to a more decisive winner. Credit: Roman Tiraspolsky/ShutterstockT-Mobile “is now the operator to beat,” OpenSignal says in its latest report on the […]

Read This Before You See the Movie

Whether you know Black Panther from the long-running comic books, the superhero crossover movie Captain America: Civil War or the ubiquitous marketing for the character’s upcoming solo film, Marvel’s most royal superhero is hard to miss these days. Although Black Panther has been around for more than 50 years, his popularity has skyrocketed in the […]

5 killer apps you have to try this week

Here at AndroidPIT, we’re constantly seeing new and exciting apps on the Play Store. We’ve tried several new and updated apps this week and picked our favorites. Here are the ones we think you absolutely must try, including Google Arts & Culture, Smiling Mind, and more! VUE: video editor & camcorder If you’ve had enough of […]